What to include in a scentsy basket party

what to include in a scentsy basket party

Host a party!

Apr 07,  · This video will teach you what is a Scentsy basket party and what is included. Nov 04,  · Here is what I put in my Scentsy Basket Parties/ catalog parties/ parties on the go.I include:5 catalogs12 order forms with door prize slip staplesWarmer of.

Your Consultant walks you through your party options, then you can start inviting your friends and family. Your Consultant will bring products to sample and share, answer questions and take orders while you get your mingle on. The bigger the party, the bigger your rewards! No matter what party style you choose, use our Party Page to share it on Facebook so you can spread the love far and wide and increase your party sales for more rewards.

Love the rewards, but what to include in a scentsy basket party MORE? Ask about our new Earn a Kit program. If you still have questions, please contact your Independent Scentsy Consultant for more information. By clicking I accept below, you agree to allow this cookie and other cookies to be placed on your browser by this website.

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Skip To Main Content. Skip to footer. Share this page Copy Page Incluee. United Kingdom. Consultant Name. Back to Search Displayed in order of closeness. View More. Gasket a party! When you host a Scentsy party, your Consultant handles all the details, so ibclude can focus on having fun and choosing your rewards. How It Works. Book Now. Step inlude Party time! The Perks Get your Scentsy fix! Here's a look at the rewards you can earn, based on total sales:.

Free Product Credit Apply this basmet to just about any product you love! This is where the fun happens! In Person Connect with friends to sample Scentsy fragrances and see products in-person. On-the-Go Pass around a Scentsy basket at work or school, then return it to your Consultant. What is a Consultant Scentsy Consultants run independent businesses selling Scentsy products, but with the support and resources of a global direct selling company. Scentsy provides everything Consultants need to be successful: tools, training, inventory management, an online Workstation and Personal Website where Consultants can take orders, track customers and inckude a team, and more.

Put simply, the Host connects their Scentsy Consultant with friends and family so they iin shop Scentsy products. Sometimes the Host also provides a party location often at homebut the only real requirement to be a Host is to provide the guest list!

Reach out to your Consultant or find one near you. As the Host, you what to include in a scentsy basket party earn rewards based on the total sales from your party.

All Host Rewards must wjat redeemed before the party officially closes. Before the guests arrive for an in-person party, your Consultant niclude set up a small display of Scentsy products so everyone can check them out. Every Consultant runs their parties a bit differently, but once the guests arrive there will likely be a short demo of Scentsy products, questions will be asked and answered, plus your Consultant will pass around scent testers so everyone can experience Scentsy fragrances and pick their favorites.

Before everyone go, your Consultant will invite guests to place their orders. Then your Consultant what does the centriole do in a animal cell help you tally up — and redeem — your Host Rewards. Not at all! Ijclude products are best experienced in person, and there is so much variety that most guests do find something to love.

But there is absolutely no pressure to place an order. Scentsy has an online Party Page that helps manage the guest list, and you can invite friends and family via Facebook or email. If you prefer to send invitations in the mail, invite guests by phone, or text jnclude an invite, go how to make your eyeshadow waterproof it!

Anyone you think might enjoy learning more about Scentsy, shopping Scentsy products or hanging out with you and other super-cool people. The more guests who place orders, the more rewards you earn.

We recommend wrapping what to include in a scentsy basket party up within about five days for an in-person party, or within 14 days for an online or on-the-go party. Your Consultant will make sure your guests have all the info they need to buy the products they want.

Every Consultant does things a bit differently. Some may only need you to provide a guest qhat, while others might want your input to brainstorm party themes or snack ideas. Connect with your Consultant to find out! Ultimately, you get to be as involved as you like. That would be great! Talk to your Consultant about our new Earn a Kit program.

Bsket more about how to join Scentsy. Thank You! Pagty confirm, I would like sventsy shop in. In order to remember your language and country selection, this site places a cookie on your browser.

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If you choose to do a Scentsy basket party you still will receive free and half off items from Scentsy. The instructions for a basket party are simple. First, I give you a basket and fill it will over 80 sample scents. I will also include a plug in, Scentsy bar, catalogs, order forms and business cards. You take this basket with you everywhere. If you go to work, you can plug in the warmer and put in a square from . Home and Basket Parties. Our awesome fragrance products must be experienced. Host a Scentsy Home or basket party to discover what’s new Earn Host Rewards for the products you love. Get up to four Scentsy products at 50% OFF*. Earn FREE PRODUCTS equal to 10 to 15% of your party’s sales. Get an additional HALF-PRICED product when any of your guests hosts a party and you attend. Scentsy products are best experienced in person, and there is so much variety that most guests do find something to love. But there is absolutely no pressure to place an order. To help guests get the most for their money, your Consultant may suggest Bundle & Save offers or promote the opportunity to host their own Scentsy party and earn rewards.

Thirty-One timeless beauty bag for use as a mobile office. Great idea! Can't wait for it to come in. Need a way to get bookings at your home parties? I have done this called "What's in the Bag". I have 3 or more bags on display at the party and someone always asks, what's inside the bags? I then say, "you get to pick a bag and keep the contents when you book a party"! Can be home or basket! Give them a basket that night and they can then start collecting orders right away!

Inside is: Bar, catalog, host brochure, spatula, business card, sample and or a RS. Don't toss your scent paks when you can't smell them anymore. Upcycle to use them like bean bags. Toss in some baskets and you've got yourself a game.

Take this around to your Scentsy stuff. ArtMind: How to make a scratch off lottery ticket? Our Thermal Totes work great for Scentsy consultants to use for their basket parties. I made these very inexspensively for my scentsy parties. Each scent category has their own basket, which makes it easier to pass around the samples!

Host a scentsy basket party and you will receive a similar basket for having a party. Free weblog publishing tool from Google, for sharing text, photos and video. Saw this idea from someone else and just love it.

She had these towels made and washed them with Layers and put them in ziplock bags to put in basket parties and to use in home shows. Contact me to Host your own Basket Party! Contents of my Scentsy Basket Party!

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