What is the most popular name for popes

what is the most popular name for popes

Most Common Pope Names Quiz Stats

Mar 14,  · Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio became the first Pope to choose the name Francis, but here is a list of the top ten most popular pontiff names: John - 21 Benedict - 17 Gregory - 16 Clement - 14 Innocent - 13 Leo - 13 Pius - 12 Stephen - 9 Boniface - 8 Urban - 8. Clement. Innocent. Leo. Pius. Stephan. Bonafice. Alexander. 10 Most Common Pope Names. How many had the same name?

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The Pope who sold the papacy. What you don't know about the first Pope. The outlaw origins of the Catholic Church. Can the pope ever be wrong? Becoming a saint: Miracles from the afterlife. Papal etiquette when meeting the Pope.

Pope Francis helps relocate Syrian refugees. He took the helm as the Catholic Church wrestled with thr and the fallout of the child sexual abuse scandal. But this is hardly the first time that the church has been gripped by scandal. Can you imagine a Pope placing the rotting corpse of his predecessor on trial?

Or putting the papacy itself up for sale? Well, history tells us that popes did all that and more at a time when they apparently played by a very different wwhat of rules. Here are eight popes you'll find in the history books for all the wrong reasons:. Read More. Pope Alexander VI. What is glucose intolerance during pregnancy many other papal families have a Showtime series named after them? There was controversy from the start with Pope Alexander VI, a wealthy Spaniard who allegedly bought the papacy by bribing his fellow electors.

Alexander also saw no problem appointing many of his relatives to positions of power, or killing off rival cardinals to claim their valuable property for himself. And he was apparently quite the ladies' man, fathering several what is the most popular name for popes with his many mistresses. Pope Stephen VI. And that's putting it kindly. When Stephen came to power, Formosus had already been dead for months, but having his enemy six feet under nae not enough punishment for the new Pope.

He ordered the rotting corpse exhumed, redressed in papal robes and placed on the throne to face trial. It's safe to say the verdict didn't go Formosus' way, so Stephen commanded his body be dragged through the streets of Rome and moost in the Tiber River. Though he won the so-called cadaver trial, Stephen was strangled to death by one of his enemies barely more than a year later.

Among his many enemies was the writer Dante Alighieri, whose criticism of mame church led to his exile from Florence, Italy, at the hands of Boniface's cronies. InBoniface issued a papal bull -- how long is the cape argus cycle tour church's term what is the most popular name for popes an official proclamation -- which placed Europe's kings and their armies under his popuular command.

Many rulers may have called "bull" on this, especially Philip, who ordered Boniface's capture after he caught wind of the Pope's plans to excommunicate him. Boniface died soon after, but not before earning himself a permanent spot in the eighth circle of Hell in Dante's "Inferno.

Pope Urban VI. He called for the brutal killings of cardinals who plotted against him, and legend has it he even griped that their screams weren't loud enough. Pope Leo X. What is the most popular name for popes funded some of the Renaissance's most famous artwork, but his big spending drove the church's finances deep into the red. To help balance the books, he relied heavily pophlar the lopular of hame -- which is forking over money to the church to buy forgiveness for sins or, say, to get a dead relative out of Purgatory.

You might remember from history class that this pay-for-penance scheme angered many, including Martin Luther, whose "95 Theses" sparked the Protestant Reformation and tore apart the Catholic Church.

Pope John XII. From most accounts, it sounds like the dor palace under John XII was part-raucous frat party, part-seedy what is a godmothers responsibility. Whichever version you believe, John XII was definitely not celibate, and legend has it he died of a stroke doing what he loved Pope Benedict IX. This Pope held the position three different popdsand was kind of like a really bad cold that the church couldn't get rid of.

His first spell as Pope ended with him fleeing Rome after a citizens' rebellion erupted over his violent behavior. He then came back into power for a second stint but sold the papacy to his godfather, who became Pope Gregory VI. But Benedict was still not finished.

He returned to Rome years later, reclaimed the throne and then lost it again after German armies finally chased him out of Rome for good. Pope Ghe III. Popuar date is unknown. Sergius came to power at a ppoular when several players laid claim to the title, and after declaring a number of his rivals anti-popes, he had at least one of them killed.

Top Names Over the Last 100 Years

Mar 12,  · The most common names used by Popes are: John (23), Gregory (16), Benedict (16), Clement (14), Leo (13), Innocent (12), Pius (12), Stephen . Mar 13,  · UPDATE: Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina was elected Pope on Wednesday and took the name Francis. He is the first Pope from the Americas. Doubles names, such as Author: The Huffington Post Canada. Mar 14,  · conclave most common pope names most popular pope names new pope new pope name This article exists as part of the online archive for HuffPost Canada. Certain site features have been disabled.

When the Rev. But they diverged sharply on several other names, citing some as influential for good, others for ill -- and some for both, underscoring that "influential" and "good" are not always the same. The two historians set aside St. Peter, considered the first pope. The rock of the Roman Catholic Church is in a class by himself, and no one has had the audacity to call himself Peter II.

They held off, as well, on including John Paul II. Funeral crowds called him "the Great" -- a title bestowed on just two popes before -- but it's too soon to see his imprint in history. Indeed, only three popes they named are considered saints. Two others are "blesseds," one step below saints on the ladder to canonization. Here, in chronological order, are their picks: St. Leo I the Great He stared down Attila the Hun in to prevent the sacking of Rome and later persuaded a Vandal king to spare the people.

The first to rule that popes are successors to St. Peter with authority over all the faithful, "he established the pope as someone who could intervene in just about any affair," O'Malley says.

He gave the "definitive teaching on the divinity and humanity of Christ," McBrien says. Gregory I the Great He's one of only two "outstanding" popes in McBrien's ratings, for being a "genuinely pastoral pope.

The first monk to be chosen pope, Gregory dubbed himself "servant of the servants of God. Before the Lateran Council he convened, the pope was chosen by clergy, the faithful and sometimes secular authorities, O'Malley says. McBrien calls Nicholas a bad influence for his imperial pretensions. Gregory VII He makes O'Malley's list for consolidating the papacy as a centralized monarchy of secular and religious power. In his heyday, Gregory famously brought German King Henry IV to his knees, making him stand in the snow for days begging forgiveness.

Eventually, the pope lost control of the city to Norman invaders and was driven from Rome. But in his efforts to combat corruption and secular interference, he transformed the papacy into a legalistic office, an influence "mostly for ill," McBrien says. He was also known for his "power and his pretentiousness," McBrien says. He promoted the disastrous Fourth Crusade and saw himself as "less than God but greater than humans," McBrien says. Peter's Basilica. Indulgences are a way forgiven sinners can shorten or escape the punishment of purgatory.

That helped provoke Martin Luther's Protestant Reformation. Even so, O'Malley cites "his legacy of beauty. He cracked down on clerical abuses and established formal seminaries to train priests, O'Malley says.

He also founded the "Roman Inquisition" to enforce doctrinal purity. He sparked a spiritual revival in with the declaration of the immaculate conception -- that Jesus' mother, Mary, was born without sin. And, in , he pushed through the doctrine of papal infallibility in faith and morals, making the papacy the watchdog, teacher and final arbiter of doctrine, O'Malley says.

But McBrien also cites him for condemning free expression and approving the secret baptism of a kidnapped Jewish boy. Generations of popes dedicated their writings to Leo on anniversaries of his encyclical on the subject.

In the s he called the Second Vatican Council, turning the church to the 20th century with a broad series of reforms such as using the local language for the liturgy instead of Latin and issuing a document on the fundamental rights and dignity of all human beings. His encyclical on peace was addressed to all people of good will -- within and beyond the Catholic Church. This pope renewed the faith and reached out to the world, "radically changing relationships with other religions," O'Malley says.

The 10 Greatest Popes Were Roundup: Talking About History.

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