What is a godmothers responsibility

what is a godmothers responsibility

What Is a Godparent and What Role Do They Play Today?

Apr 03,  · The Godfather and the Godmother for a Baptism are figures who accompany their godson or goddaughter to the altar and take responsibility for accompanying them in their growth as humans and as Christians. If the baptism is of a child, the Godfather or Godmother also have the task of pronouncing the baptismal promises wherever it takes place. Dec 19,  · In the Catholic church the Godmother's responsibility is to ensure the Godchild is preferably enrolled in Catholic school, goes to Mass every Sunday and whatever else the Godmother feels is.

There are a number of responsibilities which have to be fulfilled by a godmother. The spiritual life of a child is looked after by her. Scroll down to know what all she is supposed to do. The Church is one of the extremely significant religious institutions over the globe.

Baptism is a very important practice in Christianity, and thus, has to be taken with utmost seriousness. A godparent, the umpteen dimensions of Christianity notwithstanding, is person who sponsors the baptism of a child. The godparent is there on behalf of the child. It could either be a godmother or godfather. This practice of godparenting has been going on since time immemorial. The godparent responsibilities begin at baptism and continue throughout the life of that child.

It not just infants, but the godparent also is a major part of adult baptism. Would you like to write for us? Well, we're looking for good writers who want to spread the word. Get in touch with us and we'll talk As mentioned earlier, the first what is a godmothers responsibility foremost duty of a godmother is to sponsor the baptism of the child. What is a godmothers responsibility basically includes responding on behalf of the infant and representing the baby.

In the process, they would be asked to declare their Christian faith as well. Some of questions are specifically directed towards the godmother, for instance is she ready to pray for the child, to care for the baby, and to get him or her into the community of faith.

In addition to all this, the duties include giving a christening gift. It was done by default and the sole aim was and is still to help the child lead a good Christian life. The church is extremely particular about the spiritual growth of the child and intends the godmothers to do so.

Another duty is to act as sponsor for confirmation. That means that those who observe the sacrament of confirmation need sponsors or godparents for the ceremony. In such a situation, the child is allowed to confirm her faith, having reached an age where she can reason.

The godparent has to be there for the godchild whenever needed. The spiritual growth of the child has to be supervised by the godmother. Not only should she believe in the Lord and philosophy of Jesus, she should be ready to share the knowledge and philosophy with the godchild. In addition to the above, include a strong belief in whatever she is professing on behalf of the infant. It also includes the fact that in case the child loses her parents, the godmother becomes the guardian of the child.

Duties with regards to an adult being baptized is to assist the what is a godmothers responsibility in Christian initiation. Giving witness to the catholic faith by words and actions and serving as an example is very important. It is more of an emotional and spiritual thread which binds the infant and the godmother. Nowadays, a relative of the baby could also be asked to be a godparent, which is a huge honor for that individual. The individual then gets to have a beautiful relationship with the kid of a friend, philosopher, and guide!

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Aug 15,  · As a godparent, it is also a responsibility to be present as a mentor and person who desires to be present in a child’s life. This can play out as .

There will be no changes to other Yahoo properties or services, or your Yahoo account. You can find more information about the Yahoo Answers shutdown and how to download your data on this help page. My best friend has asked me to be the Godmother of her first unborn child. I am not sure what that means on my behalf. What will I be responsible for? This is a fantastic question. God parents are responsible in nurturing the spirtual growth of the child. The parents guide the child in day-to-day functions, but the God parent guides the child when it comes to their relationship with God.

It is actually a very big responsibility and an honorable position to hold in the childs life. I can only address the role of godmother in the Catholic tradition. It is the responsibility of the godmother and the godfather to make sure the child is brought up in the Catholic religion if the parents fail to do so. There is no specific baptismal gift, but normally the godmother with give the child something to keepsake, such as a plaque that says "my baptism" with a picture of the child or a cross for above the cradle, etc.

In the Catholic church the Godmother's responsibility is to ensure the Godchild is preferably enrolled in Catholic school, goes to Mass every Sunday and whatever else the Godmother feels is necessary for the religious upbringing of the Godchild.

The Godmother will attend The First Communion. Godparents are just "special" people. You as the godmother will then be the official custidy for that baby. So when they say that to a person that must mean they really like, and trust you.

You could be responsible for taking custody of the child, should anything ever happen to your friend. Also , some school and college expenses, if it is actually a legal agreement.

Otherwise, you are responsible for nothing unless it is on paper. Traditionally it meant that you were incharge of the spiritual up bringing of the child. That you would take custody if something should happen to the parents as well. Now days most people use it as an honorary title. It means you get extra excuses to spoil the child and that the family really loves and values you and your opinions.

I would ask the mother what she expects of you as a Godmother if you are unsure. In my family's case neither Godparents are named as legal guardians should something happen.

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Why Linda Perry split with '90s alt-rock band. Bringing home the bacon! Answer Save. Godmother Definition. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. This Site Might Help You. RE: What are the responsibilities of a Godmother? Jessica J. You I'll be responsible of the kids if something happens to the parents. It's a big honnor to be a godmother but it comes with a lot of responsibilities but If nothing happens to the parents you'll be like the cool aunt or something.

Melissa J Lv 4. It can mean different things to different people. Show more answers Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.

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