Ub funkeys how to play

ub funkeys how to play


Jul 24,  · In this video i will be showing you how to play funkeys on a windows 10 64 bit computer (it also works on mac)FSM & CE code sheet:dattrme.com Go to my site, dattrme.com in the VM and press "Download Game" (Because the official download shut down around ). Press the grey button. Run the U.B Funkeys installer and insert your hub and the game will hopefully work perfectly! 14 comments.

Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don't have an account? Sign up for free! What do you need help on? Cancel X. Would you recommend this Guide? Yes Plqy Hide. Send Skip Hide. Message Sent. Guide and Walkthrough by Trixter Version: 0. Funkeys is a fun simulation like game. To start playing, all you need is a starter kit. It costs twenty dollars, and is sold where most toys or electronics are sold.

The game is played using a Hub connected to a USB cable all this is included in the starter kit and by using expansions. You get two expansions they are in the shape of the characters of the game, known as Funkeys in the starter kit, and the rest are bought yb.

If you connect the Funkey to the Hub, you get to become that funkeya in-game. I first saw Funkeys in a store, and I thought why not buy it. Although I had not expected much ro it, I found it fun and addicting. I had later visited the site ubfunkeys. I bought more Funkeys, and played the game t more. Finished Copyright, Credits and Contacts. Everything else I have no how to hack fb account online 2014 ub funkeys how to play info.

Version 0. Version 1. Size 10 Fixedys. There are many main characters, the Funkeys, and don't cost much at all. Along the way, you can customize your 'crib' your home play mini-games, collect trophies, and snag coins. The Funkeys are peace-loving creatures. They are called Fun-Keys because they power up portals, that lead to different worlds. They are all powered by gems.

One funkeyys, Master Lox, and his evil henchmen reigned down evil terror. Portals collapsed, Funkeys dissapeared, henchmen fknkeys Funkeys of their money. The Master Lox has fear of the gems. 1 bigha is equal to how many biswa world is still in partial terror.

Your goal is to find the gems, conquer Master Lox, and save the Funkey world of Terrapina. It should load up automatically, if not, go to My Computer, then the correct drive. Now that it's set up, you need to create an account. You have to do the latter. Type in a Log-in name this will be your name and a password. Make it easy to remember, as there's not a big deal with stuff like online hacking, etc.

Note your Log-In name will be what you're called too. After that, you're ready to rock! Click your name and password it can be saved too, if you want and you'll enter the Funkey world.

Moving around is simple. Click to move to an area. For some things, like wishing fountains, you may click it to do an action. Some things, tto you click on it, you move forward of it, or you can move forward of it manually.

If you go forward of it, you'll do the action. To enter a building, plaj portal, you pllay have certain ub funkeys how to play. Also, portals of the respective 'class' - It must be built. If it's out of order, it won't work. Pretty simple.

To change Funkeys, in real life, place a regular Funkey on to a groove on the 'back of the hub's head'. There's a magnet reader there, so don't worry about it being perfect. Occasionally, a henchmen comes up to you.

You must rapidly click the button that pops up to reduce the amount stolen from you. If poay have a Hoodwink, he'll take that instead. They cost only a little bit, and are worthwhile - because you unlock plqy areas, new places and more.

The good cheer that results lpay these mass gatherings what is 5ft 5in in cm a magical energy that flows through the air. This energy affects the Rare Funkey born on these days resulting in a slight change in appearance.

On select ub funkeys how to play these celebrations fall funkkeys the same day as a solar eclipse. This celestial event infuses the magical energy with that extra ingredient that will produce the seldom seen Very Rare Funkey. These Rare and Very Rare Funkeys are highly respected members of Funkey society, and are often given additional rewards when playing games. In addition to these rewards, many shop keepers create special items which they only offer to these very special Funkeys!

If you don't have any Funkey attatched to him, he'll walk around how to play what you hear on guitar overworld instead. Since the goal is to play unique Funkeys, Hub does not have any special areas or mini-games. Although you may want a break every once and a while, it's best to avoid using Hub. There's also the rare pink funkey, which is simply something cool and another starter pack.

Blocks of different sorts fall down, and you must click blocks with connections to a similar, and funkey dissaepears - and you get points. You lose funkys if you click one ub funkeys how to play does not funkeus a match. More blocks fall, and you must keep it from touching the top before the end of the level.

You must survive a level for a certain time, then you'll go on to the next one. There are tiles and sets with pictures of Funkeys on them. You must find plag matching ones, and click both and they go away. Only certain tiles can be picked though.

They cannot be covered on BOTH funeys vertically, and they must be at the top of the pile, uub it must match color too, not just Funkey. After Round 1, you go to Round 2 by clicking all avalible tiles. You can switch view from 3-D, to not by clicking the little arrow, in case you get stuck. In a certain time, they'd Very Rare: Gray Head travel everywhere in rocket ships, spending millions of coins, until they finally crashed here. Xener's are really smart, they were part of ub funkeys how to play early construction of portals.

You have two ships: one on either bottom side. You must shoot the Aliens trying to attack you. You aim with your mouse. You left click to fire, if you use your how to reset samsung captivate when locked out it alternates between ships. If you press A or D you shoot from left and right respectively. If too many obstacles funkys your ship, it dies down.

If you run out ub funkeys how to play ammo, you cannot shoot any more. Similarily, if a ship dies down you cannot shoot anymore, or recover ammo. You also lose your emergency destroy lever, and cannot recover it. There are different power-ups: some will restore your health of the ships, some recover ammo.

They can get agitated quite easily Very Rare: White Body too. They DO like to have fun though. They like to play piano, and fish. Your goal is to collect a certain amount of fish on the alotted time possible. To move your line, you press and hold down. When you're at your certain depth, release to pull back up. You cannot go plaj while going up until the line hits the reel again. When you go down or up, ub funkeys how to play fish's funkeyss might touch the hook, and you pull up.

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The game is played using a Hub connected to a USB cable (all this is included in the starter kit) and by using expansions. You get two expansions (they are in the shape of the characters of the. Without cheating, you will need a U.B. to play the game, even if you don't have any other Funkeys. Gallery. to do: add images of each UB Trivia. Each starter pack has its own unique variant of U.B. Excluding adventure packs, U.B. is the only playable Funkey to not have its own game room. U.B. Funkeys was a kid-friendly virtual world from Arkadium and Mattel. The retail toy starter kit came with the game's software, which allowed players to participate in minigames and compete to.

By Shadowehh , Feb 7, 67, 9. Funkeys 5. Page 1 of 7. OP Shadowehh Also known as Shadd. Level 4. Joined: Jan 27, Messages: Country:. Click here for the post! This thread is for people who want the latest version of UB Funkeys V5. Also, you can skip this if you already have a working version of UB Funkeys. First, download UB Funkeys V4. Run "Setup. Make sure to close the setup once you have finished.

Make sure to have closed any running instances of UB Funkeys to prevent any issues. Download UB Funkeys V5. Extract the files from the "UB Funkeys 5. Copy the folder extracted from the "UB Funkeys 5. Your system will ask if you want to replace some files, press "YES". A: This is normal and means that you are running a x64 bit computer. To fix this, download the x64 bit patch provided in the downloads section , extract the file and follow the instructions provided in the README text file.

Q: I want to move my old saves into the update, what do I do? Last edited by Shadowehh , Jun 23, - Reason: New link. StrayGuitarist , Peloisan , ginosuper and 6 others like this. Level 5. Joined: Sep 2, Messages: Country:. I feel like i'm the only one who appreciates this. I just counted and I still have around 76 funkeys.

I also just installed an XP dual boot to play it. You can check the post for because I set it there.

Level Joined: Dec 1, Messages: 10, Country:. Last edited by Shadowehh , Jun 26, TotalInsanity4 likes this. Luigiadventureyt Newbie. Level 1. Joined: Jun 25, Messages: 3 Country:.

Thank you so much for this! This helped so much. NutymcNuty Don't drink too much! Level 7. Joined: Mar 24, Messages: Country:. NutymcNuty likes this. DjoeN Captain Haddock! Joined: Oct 21, Messages: 5, Country:. This is SO cool Thanks!

Yupz, they where asking a few weeks ago about being able to play it again. Have to try it next week it's on a x64 Windows 10 computer Hope i can get it running with the patch. You must log in or sign up to post here.

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