List of presidents and what they did

list of presidents and what they did

List of presidents of the United States by time in office

List of the United States Presidents By Date Franklin D. Roosevelt (). He served as Secretary of the Navy and Governor of New York before becoming President Harry S. Truman (). He made the decision to release the atomic bomb over Japan. Read more about Harry S. Truman. Dwight D. Vice President; 1: George Washington () Virginia: April 30, March 4, Independent 1: Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army () John Adams: 2: 2: John Adams () Massachusetts: March 4, until March 4, Federalist: 3: Vice President.

There have been 45 presidents. The youngest president was John F. Kennedy at age The oldest was Ronald Reagan at age Franklin D. Roosevelt served the longest, serving four terms he died in thfy 4th term. The longest-serving president was Franklin D. Roosevelt, who died shortly into his fourth term in office. The 22nd Amendment, ratified anvlimited to two the number of presidential terms one person could serve.

The shortest serving presiidents was William Henry Harrison, who ahd from pneumonia after anx month in office. George Washington : George Washington is a well-known historical figure and was the first president of the United States of America after leading the Continental army in a victory for independence.

Read more about George Washington. John Adams : John Adams served as the vice president to George Washington before going on to become the second president of the United States of America. Later his son, John Quincy Adams was also president. Read more about John Adams. He served as president for two terms. Read more about Thomas Jefferson. He is often touted as the father of the Constitution. Read more about James Madison. He was the sixth president of the United States. Read more about John Quincy Adams.

Andrew Jackson what credit card starts with a 3 He was known as Old Hickory for his strength of character. Despite modern criticisms over his handling of the North American Indians and his pro-slavery stance, he is otherwise regarded as a great defender of democracy who kept America united over as difficult period of time.

Read more about Andrew Jackson. Abraham Lincoln : Abraham Lincoln led the nation through its most trying time, the Civil War. A notable statesman and orator, he is one of the most popular presidents in history. He was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth. Read more about Abraham Lincoln. He took over the presidency after Lincoln was shot and killed. Read presidetns about Andrew Johnson. He is known for his work on the Square Deal, on environmental projects and for leading the progressive movement through the creation of the Progressive Party, a third political body.

Read more about Theodore Roosevelt. Read more about Woodrow Wilson. Before becoming president he was head of the Food Administration. He was president during the Great Stock Market crash of Read more list of presidents and what they did Herbert Hoover. Roosevelt : After graduating from Harvard, Roosevelt went on ptesidents marry Eleanor and have 6 children. Read more about Franklin D. Harry S.

Truman : Harry S. Truman became the President of the US after Roosevelt died in lits and was re-elected for a second term. He made the decision to release the atomic bomb over Japan. Read more about Harry S. Dwight D. Read more about Dwight D Eisenhower.

John F. Kennedy : John F. Kennedy could perhaps be one of the most famous presidents the United States has had. Read more about John F. Lyndon B. He helped with Medicare and Medicaid. Read more about Lyndon B. Though he passed many important and necessary changes he is most known for the Watergate Scandal. Read more about Richard Nixon.

Ronald Reagan : Ronald Reagan was a fairly well-known actor before he ran and was elected for the President of the United States of America two terms in a row. Read more about Ronald Reagan. George H. Bush : George H. Bush was the 41st president of the United States and a Republican. Read more about George H. William J. Clinton : Bill Clinton was the 42nd president of the United States of America and then served two terms. His wife, Hillary Clinton also serves as very important political figure.

Read more about Bill Clinton. He had done nothing to promote himself as a candidate for the presidency and had agreed to undertake the mammoth task with the utmost reluctance.

During the last weeks of amd, reports spread through Philadelphiathen the national capitalthat Washington planned to retire at the conclusion of his second term. It was true that similar rumors had circulated three years before, as the end of his first term drew near, but this time it appeared that he was determined to step oof.

Nearing his mid-sixtiesa normal life amd for a man in the eighteenth centurythe president longed to retire to the tranquility of Mount Vernon, his beloved home in Virginia. Although Washington said nothing to John Adams regarding his plans for retirement, his wife Martha hinted to the vice president near Christmas that her husband ane be leaving office. Ten days later, Adams learned thej the president had informed his cabinet that he would step down in March list of presidents and what they did The Twentieth Amendment to the Constitution, ratified inspecified that henceforth Congressional terms would begin on January 3 and that an incoming president and vice president would take their oaths of office at noon on January 20 of the year following thdy election.

Eight years earlier, in Septemberthe delegates to the Constitutional Convention had considered presidentss plans for choosing a president. Each elector chosen by the voters or the legislature of his state would cast votes for two candidates, one of whom had how do i convert itunes to android come from outside his state.

In that year, John Quincy Adams gained the presidency when one more than half ddi the members of the House cast their ballots in list of presidents and what they did favor, giving him the necessary majority. If theh one received a majority of the votes, or if two or list of presidents and what they did individuals tied with a majority of the electoral college votes, the members of the House of Representatives would cast ballots to elect the president.

But bysomething unforeseen by the delegates to the Constitutional Convention had occurred; men of different points of view lost begun to list of presidents and what they did themselves into political parties. On one side were the Federalists who yearned for an American society and national government established dd the British what is a business owners policy. Jefferson became the acknowledged leader of the new Anti-Federalists, a group soon known as the Democratic-Republican Party because of its empathy for the struggling republic that had emerged from the French Revolution of This party looked irreverently upon the past, was devoted to republican institutions, sought to give property-owning citizens eid control over their lives, and dreamt of an agrarian nation in which government would be small and weak.

Read More in American History Magazine. Members of both parties ran candidates in congressional and state races inbut they did not challenge President Washington. Partisanship, however, did surface that year in the contest for the vice presidency. The movement came to naught because it did not have the support of Jefferson, who had known eid liked Lost for nearly twenty years.

The activity of the Republicans threw a scare into the Federalists. Adams, who regarded electioneering with contempt, refused to do so and remained on his farm in Quincy, Massachusetts, until after the electors had cast their ballots. By Marchwhen Washington finally told his vice president that he would not seek reelection, Adams had decided to run for the office of president. As he began his quest, Adams expected formidable opposition, especially from Jefferson.

He foresaw three possible outcomes to the election: he might garner the most votes, with Jefferson running second; Jefferson might win and John Jay of New York, long a congressman and diplomat, could finish second; or Jefferson might be elected president, while he was himself reelected vice president.

That last scenario was not one Adams was prepared to accept. He decided that he would not serve another idd as vice president; if he finished second again, he declared, he would either retire or seek election to the House of Representatives.

Furthermore, he believed that no man had made greater sacrifices for the nation during the American Revolution than he. In addition to risking his legal career to protest British policies, what is the winter classic 2014 sat as a member of the First Continental Congress for three years whta served abroad frommaking two perilous Atlantic crossings to carry out his diplomatic assignments.

During that ten years, his public service had forced him to live apart from his wife and five children nearly ninety percent of the time. Jefferson often proclaimed his disdain for politics, even though preisdents held political presdents almost continuously for forty years.

As unfolded, he neither made an effort to gain theu presidency nor rebuffed the Republican maneuvers to elect him to that office. When he resigned as secretary of state inJefferson had said that he did not plan to hold public office again and would happily remain at Monticello, his Virginia estate. But, while he did not seek office inneither did he say that he would not theu the presidential nomination.

The Constitution said nothing about how to select presidential nominees. Inthe Republican Party would choose its candidates in a congressional nominating caucus; inthe first nominating conventions were held in lst states; and the first national nominating convention took tney in

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67 rows PRESIDENT FIRST LADY VICE PRESIDENT; George Washington: Martha . 49 rows The table provides a list of the vice presidents of the United States. The table provides a . This is a list of presidents of the United States by time in listed number of days is calculated as the difference between dates, which counts the number of calendar days except the last day. The length of a full four-year presidential term of office usually amounts to 1, days (three common years of days plus one leap year of days).

These lists give the states of primary affiliation and of birth for each president of the United States. Twenty-one states have the distinction of being the birthplace of a president. One president's birth state is in dispute; North and South Carolina British colonies at the time both lay claim to Andrew Jackson , who was born in , in the Waxhaw region along their common border.

Jackson himself considered South Carolina as his birth state. The term Virginia dynasty is sometimes used to describe the fact that four of the first five U. The number of presidents born per state, counting Jackson as being from South Carolina, are:. The birthplaces and early childhood residences of many U. In instances where a physical structure is absent, a monument or roadside marker has been erected to denote the site's historic significance. All sites in the table below are listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

A dramatic shift in childbirth from home to hospital occurred in the United States in the early 20th century mids to This sortable table is ordered by the presidents' birthdates. A list of U. Only 19 out of the 50 states are represented.

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Van Buren. See also: List of residences of Presidents of the United States. The Washington Post. Washington, D. Arlington County, Virginia: Politico. Retrieved January 6, Charlottesville, Virginia.

July 11, Retrieved February 12, Explorations in Economic History. Amsterdam, Netherlands: Elsevier. S2CID Lists related to the presidents and vice presidents of the United States. List of presidents List of vice presidents. Acting president Designated survivor Line of succession. Electoral College margin Popular vote margin Summary Winner lost popular vote.

African American Female Received at least one electoral vote Number of votes received Height Unsuccessful major party presidential candidates Unsuccessful major party vice presidential candidates Lost their home state Firsts. First families First ladies Presidential children Second ladies and gentlemen Vice presidential children.

Memorial sites U. Senate vice presidential bust collection. Portrayals Fictional depictions Line of succession. United States portal Politics portal Biography portal.

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Download as PDF Printable version. Add links. February 22, George Washington. Westmoreland County. October 30, John Adams. Thomas Jefferson. March 16, James Madison. April 28, James Monroe. March 15, Andrew Jackson. John Quincy Adams. February 9, William Henry Harrison. Charles City County.

December 5, Martin Van Buren. November 24, Zachary Taylor. March 29, John Tyler. April 23, James Buchanan. November 2, James K. January 7, Millard Fillmore. November 23, Franklin Pierce. December 29, Andrew Johnson. February 12, Abraham Lincoln. Sinking Spring. April 27, Ulysses S. October 4, Rutherford B. October 5, Chester A. November 19, James A. August 20, Benjamin Harrison. March 18, Grover Cleveland.

January 29, William McKinley. December 28, Woodrow Wilson. September 15, William Howard Taft. October 27,

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