How to upload multiple files using javascript

how to upload multiple files using javascript

How to Upload Files to a Server with Plain JavaScript and PHP

You can use the multiple attribute for that, like this: To select multiple files you need to press the Ctrl key and click on the files you want to add. May 12,  · HTML 5 makes it possible to upload multiple files using a single input, Simply adding the multiple attribute allows for multiple files to be uploaded via .

Adding multiple file elements for uploading multiple files is time-consuming and you need to write some extra code for this. Create a file and button element. To enable multiple file selection iavascript multiple attribute in the file element.

Assign the total number of selected files in totalfiles variable. If totalfiles is not greater than 0 than alert "Please select a how to upload multiple files using javascript.

Handle AJAX successful callback with onreadystatechange kavascript. Assign this. Loop on the selected files and append it to the FormData object to send multiple files for upload.

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Running the application

May 31,  · Here I will explain how one can create a multiple file uploading controls in a very simple manner and very less amount of code. With this example one will able to perform the following functions. 1. Add FileUpload Controls dynamically using JavaScript. 2. Remove FileUpload Controls dynamically using JavaScript. Mar 12,  · var upload = multer ({ storage: storage }). array('userPhoto',2); Here rather () we are (selector,fileLimit) of Multer. Multer will accept array of files limiting to max 2 file at each time. You can of course increase the number as you may need. var addFile = addFileToFolder(arrayBuffer,i); (file, status, xhr) { //$("#msg").append("File: "" uploaded sucessfully"); filesUploaded++; if(fileCount == filesUploaded){ alert("All files uploaded successfully"); //$("#msg").append("All files uploaded successfully"); $("#getFile").value = null; filesUploaded = 0; } });; });; } // Get the local file .

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