How to restart a sidekick lx 09

how to restart a sidekick lx 09

sidekick lx wipe?

Aug 13,  · Firstly, hold down the Power key for a couple of seconds in order to turn your phone off. After that, press and hold the R and the Power buttons for a while. Excellent! Your phone will restart now, and the Hard Reset operation will be finished. Aug 12,  · How to: Hard reset Sidekick LX and IDhard resetting your phone/pda will bring the phone back to factory setting. Make sure to save the data you want before d.

There will be no changes to other Yahoo properties or services, or your Yahoo account. You can find more information about the Yahoo Answers shutdown and how to download your data on this help page. HOW do i erase this and put my own. While holding the letter 'r', place the battery back in the device. The sidekick how to restart a sidekick lx 09 restart itself twice. Please make sure not to let the letter 'r' go until it has fully rebooted. Once it has fully rebooted, remove the battery, re-insert the SIM card and battery and power up howw device.

Once the device has fully rebooted, all prior information should be erased from the device and it should be restored back to the default factoy settings.

SK2 - Press the power button and reset button at the same time. Unit will vibrate when reset. You how to say happy birthday mom in spanish use a paper clip or similiar to hit the reset button located behind the screen. Once that is done, hard reset without your SIM card inserted. You can call T-Mobile Customer Carelines are open 24 hours a day and they'll guide you through the process of resetting the phone.

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Why police can stop drivers with air gow. Spring game how to restart a sidekick lx 09 largest sports crowd in pandemic. Harry, William leave Prince Philip's funeral side by side. Why Linda Perry split with '90s alt-rock band. Everything worth buying during Amazon's major sale. Answer Save. Remove the battery and the SIM card from the device.

Flip the sidekick open; press and hold the letter 'r' on the keypad. This will reboot the device. To perform a hard reset: SK2 - Press the power button and reset button at the same time. SK3 - remove the battery while the device is on. You're done. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.

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May 25,  · 2. Flip the sidekick open; press and hold the letter 'r' on the keypad. 3. While holding the letter 'r', place the battery back in the device. DO NOT INSERT THE SIM CARD YET. 4. The sidekick will restart itself twice. Please make sure not to let the letter 'r' go until it has fully rebooted. 5. The following tutorial shows all method of master reset SHARP Sidekick LX. Check out how to accomplish Hard Reset by hardware keys and Danger OS settings. As a result your SHARP Sidekick LX will be as new and your OMAP core will run faster. Turn on your mobile phone. Next you should to press Menu button, and goto Settings -> Master Reset -> Reset All. Enter your phone code, and . As a result your SHARP Tony Hawk Sidekick LX will be as new and your OMAP core will run faster. Make sure, that your phone is on. Now please press Menu button, and navigate to Settings-> Master Reset-> Reset All. Then enter your phone lock code, and confirm with OK. * The default phone code is: or After that your device will reset to factory settings, and restart. Done!

Info Photos News Forum 48 Reviews. May 12, by Eric M. Zeman Sharp brings a wealth of improvements to the latest Sidekick in the LX Messaging and the display dazzle, but some features fizzle. I've owned this phone for about 3 weeks now and I have to say that this phone has not let me down. The design and improvements from the previous sidekicks are very obvious and significant.

Let's start out with the most talked about feature which is the screen. Nothing short of great really everything seems to pop out and just grab your eyes. The messaging of course is great and now with all the application features myspace, facebook, and twitter work great with the phone. Call quality is fine I haven't had any problems at all although once in a blue moon it gets fuzzy but I think it's because of my Bluetooth.

Camera works great takes very good photos but when it comes to recording videos it's not up to par but it gets the job done. Gps isn't that bad but it isn't as good as you would expect it to be but I believe it's because of the windows live search.

Hopefully T-mo can bring out a better application to really bring out the best of the gps. I can honestly say that this phone can really compete with the best out in the market. Let's start with the obvious. The phone looks amazing.

The screen is huge and the device no longer looks like it was made by fisher-price. Solid construction all around. Nice soft-touch paint and really tight locking screen, almost too tight. The keyboard is great as usual. Same with the camera surprisingly. Pictures looked great. Media player is good as well. Messaging on the Sidekick is still aweseome. IM, e-mail, the works. All good. Twitter integration is amazing and that was one of the big reasons I had problems returning it.

Very good. Battery life was surprising as well. Never had a Sidekick, besides my SKiD, do that. Now the bad news. Call quality was sub-standard. Sidekicks have always had average calling and this is version is unfortunately worse than the original LX and the They upped the volume good thing but the call quality is still bad so the cracks, pops, echoing, adn hollow sounds are now amplified.

The GPS is terrible and to me basically broken. It could never find me indoors or outside. Live search works great as long as you do not turn on the GPS. Also, videos are terrible. Both taking them with the camera and youTube. Choppy, low volume and slow. Finally, the phone is slow. Not lag, but just slower than the previous versions.

All the icons are now animated, so they have to cycle the animation, even if you flick the trackball fast, with acceleration to max. Also it froze up on me several times. So, yes, I returned it.

For the premium price that the T-Mob is asking for this phone, unfortunately it isn't worth it. The messaging, as expected, was top notch and definately worth it. The calls though and the overall phone portion need some work still.

Best sidekick made to date. Involves new features plus the ones we all know and love! This will be updated soon! So I don't really have any cons! I love this phone, I have been a sidekick user since [Sidekick 2], and this by far is the sexiest, most advanced, and overall best performing sidekick made!

This phone is okay, but definitely not the best phone I've ever had. I have to plug it in at least once a day, and it doesn't give you much warning before shutting off after a low battery alert. Complex user menus and setup. Call quality below average with sound clarity and volume. Otherwise a very good device. When buying this phone ones must know what they are buying. And well it is a sidekick so as a sidekick it is great Cons: battery life is not terrible but i have noticed when i text a lot a week it dies but i guess that is expected - i wish danger would allow us to use our own pics as background images.

Phone has a great feature set. Overall opinion is very high but I will note some things here. Small: cannot assign ringtones other than what they provide; cannot make a group of say 30 people with the same ringtone without doing each one individually; shortcuts could be better designed; camera not that good: pics are a little fuzzy and the flash tends to wash out pics; video mediocre although I did not buy this thing to replace my 8 megapixel cam or my digital vid recorder, trust me.

Makes cute sounds and flashes different color schemes depending on the setting.. Battery life is rather good; takes a while to charge; the swivel keyboard is great and the entire device feels solid and great quality.

Screen is gorgeous and colors pop off this baby. GPS is wierd and glitchy and drains the battery quickly so buy a real one from circuit city if you care about that, I don't! How many IM's do ya need?

I don't do Twitter but I do Facebook and it works great, but limited browser does not reveal all the links a real PC would. But it is OK. A Must: Log in to my t-mobile and register your sidekick. Even with the great keyboard on your LX, you cannot beat a full sized PC keyboard for fast typing. We all know SIM card data transfer completely SUCKS so all of those extra phone number, email addresses and personal notes need to be re-entered into the new device and this web-based interfaced totally rules.

I currently own a sidekick lx , but I have read many upon many reviews about the sidekick lx and it sounds awesome! They both have web browsers but the 09 version is getting an update to 3G so you can now stream video over the internet. I really love my sidekick lx and will probably upgrade to a sidekick lx I think Sharp took the sidekick lx and made the features it already had better take the camera for example and added new, uniquely intuitive features to an already awesome phone.

IM, email, and texting are basic but fun to use at the same time keyboard makes everything better!! Add your review. The company's G series has long been well-regarded for quality and value. Samsung today officially unveiled its Galaxy S21 series of flagship phones for All three models sport a distinctive new "Contour Cut Camera" design where the metal frame extends around one corner to surround the rear cameras. Upgrades over the A51 include Hz display refresh, 64 megapixel main camera with optical image stabilization OIS , IP67 water resistance, and stereo speakers.

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