How to put music on play music

how to put music on play music

Transfer music from a computer to your phone or tablet

Transfer files to a specific device: To transfer files to a specific device, follow the instructions for transferring music from a computer to a device. Listen to music on different devices When you're signed in to the account you use on Google Play Music, you can listen to music on your computer or mobile device, Android TV, Sonos, or with. Upload music from your computer to your Google Play Music library to make it available on any device where you use the Google Play Music app. You can transfer music from your computer to your.

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This wikiHow teaches you how to listen to musuc on your Android using its built-in music player Play Music, Spotify, or Playy. Log in Social login does not work in incognito and private browsers. Please log in with your username or email to continue.

No account yet? Create an account. Edit this Article. We use cookies to make wikiHow pyt. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Cookie Settings. Learn how to put music on play music people trust wikiHow. Download Article Explore this Article methods. Related Articles. Method 1 of Open Play Music.

You can use Play Music to listen to streaming music or music files on your Android. Add your own music. If you have music files on your computer, you can add them to Play Music. There are a few ways to do this: Buy songs from Google Play.

Everything you buy will mhsic in Play Pyt. Copy music from another device with a USB cable. Upload songs from your computer to Google Play. Once your songs are in the cloud, you can listen to them on any device. See Store Music on Google Cloud to learn how. Select ArtistsAlbumsSongsor Genres to view your library. Stream songs or albums. You can select a radio station from the home screen, or use the search box at the top of the screen to find what you want to hear.

With a paid how to put music on play music, you can search for a song, artist, or genre and play it immediately. Stations will play the song and artist you want to hear at some point, in addition to similar music.

Method 2 of Download Spotify from the Play Store. Spotify is a free app that lets you listen to millions of free songs and podcasts. You can use it ob free to listen to streaming radio stations, or subscribe to the paid service to listen to any song you want at any time. Create your account.

Then: Tap Create Accountthen enter the request how to make a zombie school girl outfit to sign up. If you want to link Spotify to your Facebook account, tap Continue with Facebookthen follow the on-screen instructions to sign up. Tap Browse to find new music. Tap a selection to start playing it right away. Search for songs to play. Tap the magnifying glass to search for songs, artists, albums, or genres.

If you have a premium account, you can listen to any song or album at any time. With a free account, tap Shuffle Play to listen to the song and others like it. Tap Radio to select a station. Spotify radio stations are curated lists of music separated by mood or genre.

These stations are always free. See Use Spotify to learn how to get the most from Spotify. Method 3 of Download Pandora from the Play Store. Pandora is a free app with a paid option that allows you to listen to how to put music on play music music on your Android. Sign up for an account. Tap Sign Upthen follow the on-screen instructions to create your account. Tap Stations to hear streaming music by genre.

You can listen to any of suggested stations, or tap Browse Genre Stations for more options. Tap Create a New Station to curate your own station.

Enter one artist to create a station that plays similar music, or multiple artists to add variety. See Create a Pandora Station to learn how to further customize your station. Dakota Doty. This can depend on your file formats or the location of your files.

Some music cannot be recognized by Google Play Music and must be played through external music players. Yes No.

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Option Two: Automatically Upload New Music With Music Manager

Nov 18,  · This a tutrial of how to easily put music onto your Mp3 player. It's very METHOD 11) Plug in your Mp3 player with USB cable2) Open the file whe Author: f lopez. Jun 15,  · How to put and play music on your Samsung Galaxy S9+ The operating system on your Samsung Galaxy S9+ allows you to use your phone as a music player. The most common format for music files is mp3, and we will see in this tutorial how to take advantage of your mobile like a . 1 Open Windows Media Player by clicking the All Apps button on the Start screen. Scroll to the right and then click Windows Media Player in the list of apps that appears. 2 Click the Library button and then double-click Music or Playlists to display a library.

June 15, The most common format for music files is mp3, and we will see in this tutorial how to take advantage of your mobile like a portable jukebox. Any pieces of advice in this article is subject to the strict respect of intellectual property rights. We do not claim to give you all of these methods here, but rather to tell you the easiest ways to put music on your phone.

To transfer your music from your computer, simply connect your computer to your mobile phone via a USB cable. You can use the cable given with your battery charger or buy one from the shop if you do not have one.

Several platforms allow you to download music on your phone. We leave it to you to look for them via the Android system. The usual types of platforms are on demand or via a paid monthly subscription. We will never repeat it enough, make sure you have the proper rights in relation to the law to manage your songs as you want, especially when transferring your songs.

Indeed, other players may have additional options like equalizer or shuffle mode. Be careful, however, to have purchased the rights to hold a copy of your songs on your mobile beforehand. Tags: Samsung. Skip to content. Once the cable is plugged in, then you should see a window opening on your computer. Make sure that you have the necessary copyrights to make this transfer.

In fact, in most cases, buying a CD does not make it possible to make a copy on your phone! We will never advise you enough to read user comments to refine your choice of MP3 player. In particular, many intellectual property rights must be respected in this area. Load More.

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