How to organize a 5k fundraiser

how to organize a 5k fundraiser

How to Organize a 5K

To help nonprofit professionals who are planning an event like this, weve created a nine-week plan for organizing your own charity run/walk. Ideally, you would have months to prepare for an event like this, but if you fall behind or get a late start, this plan can help. When you organize a 5K run, accepting online donations will be paramount. When you use a secure online payment system, donors will be confident that their money will be going directly to the cause and will do so safely. You also have the opportunity today to allow participants of your event to set up their own funding pages.

New and innovative 5k races are popping up every year and more and more participants are joining in, drawn by the chance to have fun with friends, fundraise what is the service computation date on application manager a good cause, and meet their personal fitness goals. In fact, a 5k requires the dedication to cross countless tasks off your to-do list, from marketing the race to attracting sponsors.

You probably have a rough idea already of where you want your race to take place, so begin by getting to know the competition. Starting as early as possible, research other 5k events in your area, including their website and social media, and attend as many as you can. Is your event charity-focused? Or is there a unique element, like costumes or an obstacle course, that set it apart?

How many people do you want to how to organize a 5k fundraiser your orrganize Compare your event with similarly sized ones in the area to estimate how yours will do. Nobody can organize a 5k on their own. A successful race takes a village of enthusiastic and happy volunteerseach one clear about their roles on the team. Determine early who will handle publicity, marketing, registration, check-in, traffic management, and first aid. Make it as easy as possible for people interested in your event to register for it online, on mobile, and even in person.

The right event management solution can help you do that, as well as answer questions you might not know the answers to if you or your team are new to race organizing. Use email to market your race, promote it on an event discovery siteand make the most out of krganize social media advertising spend with contests and discount codes. Sponsors are a great way to offer a post-race experience that really helps your event stand out.

From food to recovery beverages to even sports how to organize a 5k fundraiser or yoga classes, finding the right businesses to partner with can help you make those unique, post-event experiences happen. The last thing you want is long lines, aa volunteers, or a shortage of bathrooms.

Make sure to plan for first aid, outline a race schedule, and organize event security. Be sure to consider if your route will need any help from the local police.

Breaking down a race is never fun. Your how to organize a 5k fundraiser are cundraiser partners primer what does it do just as vital as your participants. Incentives like coupons are a great way to thank past participants and encourage them to register again. For more tips on successfully organizing your 5k, download this tip sheet to find out how other race directors encourage participants to come back year after year.

Step 1: Research other 5ks in your area You probably have a rough idea already of where you want your race to take place, funrdaiser begin by getting to know the competition. Step 2: Pick a theme and a name Is your event charity-focused? Step 4: Set your goals How many people do you want to attend your race?

Step 5: Organize your team Nobody can organize a 5k on their own. Step 7: Make sure your registration process is smooth Make how to write a funny rap song as easy as possible for people interested in your event to register for it online, on mobile, and even in person. Step 9: Find sponsors Sponsors are a great way to offer a post-race experience that really helps fundraiwer event stand out.

Step Plan ahead for a smooth on-site experience The last thing you want is long lines, grumpy volunteers, or a shortage of bathrooms. Step Clean up Breaking down a race is never fun. Step Report back to sponsors Your sponsors are your partners and just ortanize vital as how to draw jeepers on moshi monsters participants. The race to the finish line begins with you For more tips on successfully organizing your 5k, download this tip sheet to find out how other race directors encourage participants to come back year after year.

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Apr 28, The first step to hosting a Virtual 5k Fundraiser is to determine when it will happen, what youre fundraising for, and how youll raise funds through the 5k. You can raise money by charging participants a fee to run, or you can ask for donations. Another way to raise money is to get participants to collect pledges from their community. Planning a 5K When planning your 5K it is important to consider your options for a location at which the race will be held, the characteristics of the course that you wish to have, whether or not you will implement a theme to your race, and if it will be associated with a charitable cause. Create an Online Race Registration Form.

Organizing a 5K can be a very enjoyable and rewarding experience. Although there is more work involved than most of your runners might realize, making your first race evolve from an idea into reality is ultimately very gratifying for race directors. Below are some of the most important steps to consider when planning, promoting, and executing your first 5K race most of the same steps apply to marathons and half marathons as well.

When planning your 5K it is important to consider your options for a location at which the race will be held, the characteristics of the course that you wish to have, whether or not you will implement a theme to your race, and if it will be associated with a charitable cause.

You can increase your participation if you simplify your registration process. When picking an online registration provider make sure it utilizes a simple checkout process that doesn't require accounts for runners. Fewer pages in your registration process makes it easier to complete registration forms, and you will make more money. Online fees can vary widely among different providers.

Compare top race registration providers rates, and benefits. You should organize your race in a location where a sizable portion of your prospective runners live. Depending on the expected size of your race, you may also need to consider how many hotels are in the area to accommodate your runners. As it pertains to picking a location, many race directors also factor in the scenery of potential race routes. You will want to have a race course that gives runners a unique experience. This could mean a nice gentle downhill course, or perhaps conversely, a challenging uphill one, depending upon the demographic you want to cater to.

Often runners want a route that is flat or gentle downhill, so if you want to draw more participants, it is ideal to avoid hills. If it is necessary for you to minimize expenses, you may want to have an out-and-back or a loop course to avoid the expense of transporting runners. You can use our FREE race map creator to figure out different course options, and look at the elevation chart change as you alter the route. You might consider organizing a fun run or a run with a charitable cause.

Fun runs have become increasingly popular in the past few years. They range from costume races to extreme survival races. It is more of the thrill than the running that brings these extra participants out. Charitable cause races have a similar effect of bringing out participation from people that may not have otherwise considered a 5K.

If you decide to do a theme you should consider the expenses associated with that theme, and make adjustments to your race to fit your theme. For example, if you want to make a Halloween race then you might consider holding the event in the evening. When deciding if you should involve a charity you might want to reach out to a few charities to see which ones would help you the most with volunteers and promotion of the event.

Learn how to create a charity race fundraiser here. When promoting your marathon, half marathon or 5K you want to come up with a good name, and a strategic advertising plan.

When planning the name for your race, find out which names are already taken in your local area, and nationally so you will know what race names may still be available. Similar to a business, your race name will give a feeling and imply an experience. Names absolutely matter. If you want a serious race you should pick a race with a serious name. If you are planning a fun run you should pick a name that sounds fun.

In some instances it may be wise to name your race after you have picked a course or theme. View tips on how to grow race participation.

When advertising your marathon, half marathon, or 5K you should consider who your target audience is. If you are creating a fun run you might market through channels outside of runners in addition to traditional advertising.

For example if you have a race that has a live concert you might want to advertise at other events with live music. If your race has a charitable cause you may want to have the charity you benefit utilize their social media and their email list to promote your event.

Sometimes the charity will be willing to distribute posters and do other volunteer work to help you promote your race. When marketing your race you should consider putting posters or fliers up at all the running stores within the radius that you believe most runners will be willing to travel.

Sometimes you can find property owners of land at busy intersections that will allow you to put up a banner on their fence. This can be an inexpensive way to get the word out about your race. Some races will put up dozens of signs to promote their event. A great way to promote any type of running event is to advertise at other races.

Some races will let you put fliers in their race bags, or maybe you could pay to have a booth at their event to talk with runners directly. Sometimes you can do an email trade with another event they email your runners if you can email their runners. There are limitless ways that you can advertise your running event.

The most important thing to consider is who your main audience is and where or what is the best means of getting in front of them. The second most important thing is what message to present to this audience. You need to give them a message that is compelling and concise. You may want to create a press release about your new event, or if it is not new, make a press release about any changes you have for this year.

It is wise to try to have your race listed on ever online race calendar you can find. Start by including your race on our calendar today. The execution of a race is bringing all the details together from your planning stages, and making them actually happen. Below is a long list of things to do when creating a race:. Spend some time contacting local businesses to see if they would be willing to provide products or services that might help improve the quality of your race.

Some of these local businesses may even be willing to contribute money for your event sponsorship. It might be wise to make a marketing flier with tiered sponsorship levels that they can pay for. Some sponsors may be more likely to sponsor your race if you benefit a charity that they are connected to.

Make sure you check with your local government to determine what permits are required for the type of race you want to create. You will most likely be required to provide insurance coverage of your event to receive a permit, and you will want coverage to protect your company or whomever is responsible for putting on the event.

When deciding on a timer to use, you need to consider pricing, technology, and experience. A new timer with the best technology is risky as they may not know how to use the technology properly.

An experienced timer with poor technology will not get proper read rates, and your results will not be as reliable as your participants expect. A timer that is very experienced with the best technology can be expensive. Depending on the size of your race you may want to pick a timer with good experience with decent technology.

Consider sending out a bid request to several timers in your area. Ask them all for pricing, read rates on the chips, and for references. If you can call some of the races that have timed you can get a sense for how competent they are with their system, and how reliable they are. Timing is a large portion of your budget, so you want to make sure you get the right timer for your needs.

Provide plenty of water, and if possible, another beverage with electrolytes to runners. Often aid stations are placed every two miles. For longer runs like marathons the aid stations sometimes include food, and pain relievers.

Depending on how long your race is, you may consider having food on the route and in the finish area. Runners prefer food on the route that can be eaten easily and digested quickly. If possible, try to include food in your finish area that is high in protein. Often you can find a local market or restaurant to provide food for your race in trade for sponsorship. Most races provide their runners with a race shirt. Often this is an athletic polyester shirt, but first year 5K races sometimes provide cotton shirts to reduce cost.

Try to find a shirt vendor that will allow you to make a shirt order a couple weeks before your event, and then make a smaller follow-up order a few days before your race. Newer races can double in size in the last couple weeks.

This makes ordering shirts tricky. Some shirt vendors will be more willing to commit to meet your last-minute needs than others, so price is not the only factor you should consider when choosing a company for screen printing your race shirts. Medals are usually given to participants that complete a marathon or half marathon, but some other running events give them out as well.

Medals can be pricey if they are purchased in small quantities. It can be very hard for a first-year race to know the proper quantity to order. When your race becomes large you can order overseas and in advance, saving thousands of dollars. In your first year you may want to try to make your medals locally where you can order closer to your race date. Almost any shop that makes belt buckles or does other metal work can create your race medals.

Many races have awards for age division winners. Sometimes these awards are just for first place, but they often go three to five deep. Some large races choose to give out prize money. USATF regulations stipulate that overall awards need to be based upon gun time.

Age division awards can be based upon chip time. Restrooms are a very important part of any race. The longer the duration of your event the more important they become.

Even with a 5K you should consider having portable restrooms in your finish area at a minimum, and probably have some at your starting line and a couple on the route. These units can be very pricey when purchased in small quantities, so shop around to find a good price.

You may want to have your 5K start or end in a park that has restroom facilities to avoid some of this expense.

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