How to make a video presentation with music and pictures

how to make a video presentation with music and pictures

7 Best Free Photo Slideshow Maker with Music for Windows

How to Make a Video Presentation with Pictures and Music Using Mobile App Step 1. Start App and Select Photos Install and run the app on your mobile and tap on the Select Photos . Make a slideshow with pictures and music fast using free Freemake Video Converter. The slideshow maker software will create videos from your photos and songs in a couple of easy steps. Watch the ready slideshows with effects on a smartphone, tablet, TV, or upload it online right from the tool. All popular image and audio formats are supported.

Do you want to make your own video with music and pictures without camcorder? Making a video presentation with music and multiple pictures is really a fun game and people likes to share them on social media to get more likes and views by their friends. If you also like to do the same then there are many ways available to get the work done which we are going to share in this article with you today. Fotophire Slideshow Maker is a newly developed program by Wondershare with easy interface and cool options.

Fotophire Slideshow maker program offers you wide range of slideshow making options for the perfect videos. Fotophire Slideshow Maker is compatible with the Mac and windows both operating system devices. If you are looking to join multiple photos together and making video presentation then the Fotophire Slideshow Maker is the best choice for you. Now you can select the theme and style you want for your slideshow from the left sidebar. You can also click the Music button at the lower-left bottom to add a how to make a video presentation with music and pictures as the background music for your slideshow.

Choose Save to Computer and select a target folder to save your slideshow, and then the program will start creating your slideshow video on computer. When finished, the program will automatically open the target folder for you. This is also a video presentation maker with the music and pictures. This program is nice and comes with easy to use interface. Once you have completed making your presentation you can share it to the other devices such as TV or YouTube.

Now you can import the photos which you how to make a video presentation with music and pictures to use in your video presentation.

When and how to apply for social security import the pictures click on the Media browser button at the right side of interface then choose the files from you mac. Choose style for your presentation and do all other necessary settings. You can also edit the video, duration, change volume, music and style as well.

Once you are happy with the all settings simply save the video presentation on your Mac. This is the way about how to make video presentation with pictures and music easily using third party software.

Photo Slideshow with Music is an Android app that allows you to make video presentation with pictures and music very easily directly on the Android mobile phone. There are various animations available in the app to use with your photos such as close door, eclipse, open door, diamond out, Circle left up, Skew left close and many more effects.

Now you can add your favorite music by tapping on the Music icon at the bottom what is a non linear scale in physics app screen. Choose the file from your mobile local drive. Finally tap on the next button now and then you will see several options to save and share your slideshow presentation.

With these above ways in the article you can now easily make video presentation with picture and music. These all options above, works perfectly on the Android, windows and Mac operating system devices to make your video presentation. For the perfect and high quality video presentation we want to recommend Fotophire Slideshow Maker program as the best choice for you.

Fotophire Slideshow Maker Make slideshow in 3 steps. Photo Editing Tips 1. Edit Photos 1. Photo Effects 2. Photo Editors 3. How to Make a Video Presentation with Music and Pictures Easily Do you want to make your own video with music and pictures without camcorder? Part 1. Wondershare Fotophire Slideshow Maker. By Liza Brown. Apr 16, pm.

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Oct 21, Create beautiful Music Slideshow and share with friends and family for best occasions in the photos you want in photo slideshows. Add music from gallery or from the custom videos we have provided. Photo Video Editor is the easiest way to create, edit and share amazing music videos, slideshows and stories with your photos. Feb 13, Last Updated Feb 13, In this post, I'm going to show you the step-by-step instructions for creating a high quality, emotionally captivating slideshow video using photos, text, and music.. It'll be just like a recipe. I'm going to show you everything from start to finish. Create and share videos for free with Animoto's video maker. Combine your photos and video clips with music to make professional videos thatll impress.

Sometimes, simple photos seem boring. In situations like those, you can take the help of the photos. That is, you can create a video from still pictures by adding music and effects. You may be wondering what gigantic tool you would need to download to create such a video. The app that lets you create this is pre-installed on your Windows 10 computer. We are talking about the Photos app. Yes, the app comes with an amazing video editor that will help you in making a video slideshow with pictures.

All you need to do is select the photos, and it will automatically create a video for you. Step 2 : If your pictures are visible in the Photos app, move to step 3 directly. Then add the folder where your pictures are located.

We can always add and remove them later. Step 3: Once you have your photos, click on the New video option present at the top. From the menu, select Automatic video. Step 4 : Now, select the photos from which you want to make a video.

You can either select the photos individually by clicking on them or use the Select all feature. Step 6: You will be asked to name your video.

Give it an appropriate name. That will be used as the title of your video. You can rename it later. Step 7 : Your video with music will be ready. Press the play icon to start playing it. If you are satisfied with what Microsoft offered you, press the Export or Share button to save the video. However, if you want to change something in the video, click on Edit video more on it below.

In case you want to style the video on our own, click on the New video option followed by New video project on the home screen of the Photos app.

Give a name to your video. You will now be offered a blank template with different sections project library, storyboard, and video preview. While the project library will house all the selected photos and videos, the storyboard will only have the ones that you want in your video.

You can always drag and drop files from the project library to your storyboard. Now, click on the Add button under the Project library to add photos and videos. If the pictures are available in the Photos app, click on From my collection. Otherwise, select From this PC and navigate to the files that you want to add. If you want the selected files to be added to the storyboard, click on Place in storyboard option.

Alternatively, select the files and drag them to the storyboard. Once you do that, you can click on the play button and your video will start playing. However, it will not have any effects or sound.

To add those, you have to edit the video. By default, each photo stays on the screen in the video for 3 seconds indicated by the text 3. You can increase or decrease the time for each clip. For that, right-click on each photo in the storyboard and select Duration. Alternatively, click on the photo once and hit the Duration option. Then, choose the duration in the pop-up dialog box.

You can also set a custom time. Sadly, you will need to do it individually for all files. To remove those, right-click on the photo and select Resize followed by Remove black bars. The photo will be zoomed a bit to remove the border. The video editor gives you the ability to add effects to your photos while creating a video. To add an effect to a photo, click on it and hit the Filters option. Alternatively, right-click on the photo and select Edit followed by Filters.

You will be taken to the editing screen. Click on a filter to apply it to the photo. Press Done to save it. Repeat the steps for other pictures. To add text to your photo , click on it, and hit the Text option. On the next screen, type your text in the text box on the right side.

Then select the text style and position. Once you add the text, you can even change the duration of the text by using the blue slider at the bottom. Hit Done to save it. Adding a camera motion is important if you are creating videos using only pictures and want to give your video a realistic feel.

To do so, click on the photo and hit the Motion option. Then choose the motion effect on the next screen. Hit Done to save changes. To further enhance your videos, you can add 3D effects to them such as fireworks, breaking news, leaves, etc.

For that, click on the photo and press the 3D effects option. On the next screen, choose the 3D effect of your choice to add it to the picture. Use the slider at the bottom to change the duration of the effect. Click on the Edit tab in the right sidebar to change the volume of the effect.

Press Done to apply the changes. If you are making the video for Instagram , then you will need it to be in ratio. In the Photos app, you can switch between , , portrait, and landscape orientations. For that, click on the three-dot icon at the top-right corner and hover over the orientation option.

You can then choose the one you want. To identify the main idea of your video, you can add titles to it. For that, click on the Add Title Card option. By default, it will be added before the photo where you clicked on Add title card. You can change its position by dragging it. To change the title card properties, click on it once and select the desired options such as background, text, and duration. Then modify them as per your need.

Simply drag them to change their position. You can add two types of audio in the Photos app. First, you can choose from the available audio files provided by Microsoft under Background music. Secondly, if you want to add your music or narration, choose the Custom audio option.

Keep in mind that the background music is added to the entire video while the audio added via Custom audio applies to individual clips only. Finally, when you are done editing the video, click on the Export video option to save it. You will then have to choose the video size. Select the one that you like. Next up: Did you know the Photos app has a dark mode? Here's how to switch between themes in the app. Samsung Gallery is an excellent alternative to the default Google Photos app.

Read the comparison to make a perfect decision between the two. Though most folks side with Google Photos , Huawei provides a capable Gallery app for the masses. We compared them and read on to learn more about the winner. Want to stitch images together to create a collage on Windows? Do it with these 6 free collage maker apps. Nobody has the time to browse through all the photos on Facebook or Instagram. Here are the best Windows 10 apps for creating photo slideshows.

Microsoft OneDrive apps are packed with nifty features under the hood. Read the below list of helpful tips and tricks to use the service like a pro. Running out of storage on your iPhone or iPad to install that favorite game? Use these nifty tips to free up some space quickly on your Apple device.

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