How to make a hacky sack with yarn

how to make a hacky sack with yarn

Easy Crochet Hacky Sack

Knit a Hacky Sack Step 1: Step1: Gather Supplies. For this hacky sack, regular household supplies were used. Some old yarn in the closet, Step 2: Step 2: Cast on the Yarn. Cast 6 stitches onto the first DPN. Divide the stitches among three needles and slip Step 3: Step 3: Knit, Add1, Knit. May 27,  · Crochet Hacky Sack Pattern. Rusty on your crochet? Check out my tutorials for how to single crochet, increase and decrease. Start with a sloppy slip knot. Ch 2. Round 1: Sc 6 times in 2nd ch from hook. (6) Round 2: Sc twice in each st. (12) Round 3: .

He was a real whiz with a hacky sack back in the the day still is! What you need: affiliate links — 3. Notes: The how to micro braid hair 1 does how to make a hacky sack with yarn count in total row count. Always join with first sc, not with the beginning ch 1.

Start with a Magic Ring 1. Sc 8 into ring. Join with sl st. Sc in last st. Sc in each st around. Sc2tog in each st around. The Boy was having so much fun! I think we found our new family game. Like this Crochet Hacky Sack? We need hacky sacks! So glad you shared this pattern. We participate in Project Christmas Box and I like to make boxes for the older kids. Please, do not use beans or rice and anything else that puffs when wet. Not only will it absorb moisture, but can also rot. Bethany, thank you for your kindness, in posting these pretty patterns.

I love the pillow. Bethany, I subscribed and tired to put in the password that was sent to me it did not yarnn. Bethany I bought the hacky sack pattern and had trouble down loading. Bought on Thank you Janet. Oh sorry! Reply to the email you received confirming your purchase and Witu can reply back and attach the pattern. You stand in a circle and kick it back and forth to the different people standing in the circle. You can also get pretty fancy with the kicking by using amke sides of your feet.

Hi Sandy! I offer a pretty download at a very small sck. Your email address will not be published. Crochet Hacky Sack What you need: affiliate links — hscky. Sew up the remain hole with your darning needle sqck tail. Weave in ends. Do you remember playing Hacky Sack? We need YOU! You may also like these FREE patterns:.

Comments OMGosh! What else can I use to fill the hacks sack instead of corn kernels or dried beans? As indicated in the post, I used popcorn kernels, but I think beans would work as go. Thank you for getting back to me. How to make a hacky sack with yarn what do you do with hacks sacks, I am an Aussie and have yafn heard of them? Leave how to restart a sidekick lx 09 Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Step 1: Step1 : Gather Supplies

Feb 24,  · Round sc2tog, sc in next 2 sts around (18 sts) Round sc2tog, sc in next st around (12 sts) If needed, top off your hacky sack’s stuffing. Round sc2tog until the open end is closed enough to tie off. Weave in ends, hiding the tails inside the ball. *That’s 8 total rounds of just sc, FYI! Cast on nine stitches and turn work. Next row, knit one, then knit into the bit of yarn between that stitch and the next one. Increase after every stitch until you have 18 stitches. Knit one row, and in the next row, increase after each stitch until you have 36 stitches. Knit one row. Oct 17,  · Read along with the free eBook here: dattrme.comtingcomNow that we know how to increase and decrease, we can make spheres! Which we can turn into h.

Ever wondered how to make something super easy that had the appearance of difficulty? A hacky sack is just the answer! In less than 30 minutes, with supplies from your own home, you can make something that will be enjoyable putting together and tons of of fun after! For this hacky sack, regular household supplies were used. Some old yarn in the closet, some dry mixed beans in the pantry, a tapestry needle, and four size 6 double pointed needles DPN were used.

The yarn calls for size 8 needles, but in order to keep the beans inside the stitches of the hacky sack, smaller needles must be used. Cast 6 stitches onto the first DPN. Divide the stitches among three needles and slip two stitches con each. Without twisting the yarn, begin the second row by using the needle in the right hand to knit the first stitch.

Do not slide the first stitch off the left hand needle yet. Instead, add a second stitch to the back. There should now be four stitches on the right hand needle and one left on the other needle. Introduce the fourth needle by knitting this last stitch onto it.

Now, slide the first two stitches from the right needle onto this needle. There should now be three stitches on this needle and two on the other two needles.

On the next needle, knit the first stitch, add one like before , and then knit the last stitch. Do this same thing on the last needle. Each needle on this first row should now have three stitches. Repeat the pattern from step 2: knit the first stitch, add 1, knit remaining stitches. There should be four stitches.

Continue knitting in this pattern until each needle has ten stitches. This should be row 9. Add a marker to this first stitch on the first needle so it is clear where the rows begin.

Rows are straight knitting. Do not increase and make sure not to drop any stitches. Make sure each rowhas10 stitches. Rows Slip the needle through the back of the first two stitches on row Knit these two stitches together and slip onto the needle. Knit the remaining 8 stitches. There should now be 9 stitches on this needle.

Continue knitting in this fashion until there are 2 stitches on each needle row 22 see Pic. Once the hacky sack is full of filling,continue knitting the stitches together two at a time until one stitch remains. Using a tapestry needle, close this last stitch in by going through the stitch.

Once through the last stitch, follow the knitting pattern on the sack to hide the yarn among the stitches. Make sure to leave enough yarn to be able to close in any gaps or loose stitching that might allow the filling to pop out. Use the stitching as a guide so this reinforcement will be hidden. Once all stitching is together, stick the tapestry needle through the hack sacks so the needle comes out on the other side.

Pull tightly and cut the string. This will allow the yarn to be loose somewhere inside the hacky sack and not free to unravel. Do this same thing for the yarn on the other side of the bag. Introduction: Knit a Hacky Sack. Supplies: yarn 4 double pointed needles DPN filling - beans, rice, beads Fill the hacksy sack with whatever filling chosen. A funnel can be helpful with this step. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Kid Name Circle Board by julien. Penolopy Bulnick 1 year ago.

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