How to fill up form st3 of service tax

how to fill up form st3 of service tax

Jul 14, Go to > > Service Tax > Enter User Name and Password > Go to RET Menu > Fill ST-3 > Select Complete ST-3 > Enter the Period for which the return was being filled > Click on the Hyperlink of the return appearing on the screen > The ST-3 will open up from the first page with the all data that were keyed in > Make the balance entries and Save it > click the . (iv) Please fill Y for Yes, or N for No wherever it is written as (Y/N) in the FORM. B. Instructions to fill up FORM ST-3 Column Form ST-3 Instructions A2 STC No. is 15 digit PAN based service tax code number issued to assessee in the FORM ST-2 (Certificate of Registration issued by .

What is ST-3 Return? It is a self assessed statutory fprm notified by the Central Board of Excise and Customs which functions under the Ministry of Finance for the service providers to enable them to declare the value of taxable services provided or received by them and the taxes paid foorm them tzx the same.

Service Tax Law is based on Self Assessment. Hence, it is the obligation of the assessee to inform the Service Tax Authorities about his taxable turnover what is a folding tyre the amount of tax assessed on the same.

Only when assessee declares the values of services rendered and tax amount paid by him, the Service Tax authorities will be made aware of the fact as per Self Assessment Mechanism. Who is the person liable for filing of ST-3 Returns? Section 69 2 : The Central Government may, by notification in the Official Gazette, specify such other person or class fogm persons, who shall make an application for registration within such time and in such manner and in such form as may be prescribed.

Therefore, every person who is liable to pay service tax and class of persons who are notified by Central Government as per Section 69 2 are the persons liable to file ST-3 returns. Every registered assessee who is holding the Certificate of Service Tax registration has to file the ST-3 returns in the intervals specified by the Government till he surrenders the certificate. What is the periodicity of the ST-3 return and when sedvice same has to be submitted? April September and October March.

The return has to be submitted within 25th of the month following the particular half year. In other words, the return for the period April to September has to be filed on or before 25th October succeeding the half year and the return for the period October to March has to be filed on or before 25th April what does it mean to file a complaint the half year.

Is there any requirement to what is a port for cancer a list of documents and records maintained by the assessee to the Service Tax Department? Every assessee shall furnish to the Superintendent of Central Excise at the time of filing his fform for the first time a list in duplicate of the following:. All the records prepared or maintained by the assessee for accounting of transactions in regard to.

Whether a return which is filed can be revised? If yes, then how many times it can be revised? Therefore, a return which is filed can be revised to correct a mistake or omission.

The time limit provided for revision of return is 90 days from the date of submission of the return under Rule 7. The rule also explains that, for yax purpose of recovery of service tax under Section 73 Issue of Show Cause Notice the date of submission of such revised return will be considered as relevant date to calculate the time limit for issue of Show Cause Notice.

What if I have not filed the returns within the prescribed due date? Rule 7C of Service Tax Rules, has the reply to the above question.

Amount to be paid for delay in furnishing the prescribed return. Provided that the kf amount payable in terms of this rule, for delayed submission of return, shall not exceed the amount specified in section 70 of the Act:.

Provided further that where the assessee has paid the amount as prescribed under this rule for delayed submission ul return, the proceedings, if any, in respect of such delayed submission of return shall be deemed to be concluded:. Provided also that where the gross amount of service tax payable is nil, the Central Excise officer may, on being satisfied that there is sufficient reason for not filing the return, reduce or waive the penalty.

Where an assessee is filing the ST-3 return after the due dates that are prescribed, he makes himself liable for payment of late fees as imposed by Section 70 read with Rule 7C of Service Tax Rules, The maximum late fee prescribed by the statute is Rs. The mechanism of calculation of late fee is as below:. Delay of 31 st day Onwards Late Fee of Rs. When an assessee remits this late fee and files the return, for a particular period, then proceedings if any, in go of such delayed submission of return alone shall be deemed to be concluded.

The rule also provides that, in case of a NIL Return, i. What is the method to file the Service Tax Return? How to fill up form st3 of service tax, all the assessees are now required to file their half yearly service tax return by electronic mode only.

The extract of the circular is as produced below:. The assesses can electronically file statutory returns of Central Excise and Service Tax by choosing one of the two facilities being offered by the department at present:. How to fill up form st3 of service tax are the steps for preparing and filing returns? The return preparation utility contains preliminary validations which are thrown up by the utility from time to servicd. Assessee can track the status of the return by selecting the appropriate option in the RET sub menu.

The rejected returns can be resubmitted after corrections. Validation of the entries made while filling return. This validation process is automated. The user is prompted by the application software to correct the particulars entered wherever required.

In respect of certain entries, although the application alerts the assessee about any entry found erroneous or inconsistent, as per the automated validation fofm, the assessee is still allowed to proceed further to complete data entry of the return and finally submit it electronically.

But in some cases the assessees are not allowed to proceed further unless the error indicated is corrected. A return filed electronically is subject to automatic verification process by the application and defective returns are marked to the departmental officer for review and correction. While reviewing the return the officer may seek some clarification from the assessee, call for some information, records or documents which should be furnished by the assessee.

In case of review and correction of returns by the departmental officers, assesses will receive a message from the application and they can log in to the application to view the reviewed returns online. Returns, captured off-line using the Downloadable utility and uploaded later on, are further subjected to certain validation checks.

The assessees are required to correct the return and upload it again. There is no provision in ACES how to fill up form st3 of service tax to allow what did kings do in the middle ages to make corrections to the returns filed by them.

However, if the return is rejected, the assessee can correct the errors and upload it again. The assessees are, therefore, advised to till utmost care while fill-in in the returns. They may, however, bring it to the notice of the departmental servkce.

Acknowledgement of E-Filing of the return. A unique document reference number is generated which consist of digit registration number of the assessee, name of the return filed, the period for which return is filed etc.

This is also automatically communicated to the email id of the assessee by the application. In the case of an uploaded Central Excise return, using offline utility, similar acknowledgement is generated and sent after the acceptance of the return by the system as a valid return i. These CFCc will provide a host of services to the assessees sevrice as digitization of paper documents like returns etc.

For this purpose, assessees are required to write to the department authorizing one of the CFCs, from the approved list, to work in ACES on their behalf. In case the assessee wants to withdraw the authorization, it can do so by intimating the department. It is the legal responsibility of the assessees, how to fill up form st3 of service tax are required to file returns, to file it within the due date as prescribed under law.

The electronic filing of returns is mandatory for all. It may, however, be noted that merely uploading the returns yax not be considered as returns having been filed with the department. In case the assessee experiences any difficulty in transacting in ACES such setvice filing of return. Since the department maintains logs of such technical failures, in case of any dispute, the decision of the department will be final.

During the time of saving the return and taking print out for verification, if the website is left idle for 30 minutes, the session may expire. Hence, during this time, if it is possible to review and file within 30 minutes, you can proceed to file.

Else, you can still how to fill up form st3 of service tax the return and log out and check your saved return.

During the time of filing of return online, in case, you are unable to complete the return and it is left half way due how to be alpha all the time say power failure or network connectivity. Part-1 : www. Email: [email protected]. How to file the service what is vetiver oil used for revised return and What should we do if we were unable to file revise return in the stipulate time of 90 days.

Is there any other way to revise the return? Year 1 : If 1st time Invoice crosses Rs 10 lakhs, then is service tax to be paid on value above Rs 10 lakhs or the entire amount? Year 2 : If business is such that What can cause poor circulation in legs value is less than Rs 10 lakhs, then is ST to be paid on full amount even if the value is less than Rs 10 lakhs?

Its very well drafted, please confirm if i have paid less service tax in original return and return not revised in 90 days. What should we do if we were unable ot file revise return in the stipulate time of 90 days. Is there any other way to revise the return. Could you provide me detail about how to file TDS return Online, and its filing procedure. My mail Id : [email protected]. Can a proprietary Consultancy Firm. Dear sir, As, We inform you that we recently filled a st-3 ret oct-dec ,but by mistake two company tin no.

So, give me proper guide line for revise return,time for that, and penalty if any. Dear sir, As, We inform you that we recently filled a st-3 ret oct-mar ,but by mistake two figure is filled by us wrongly.

Out of 5, only 4 services are provided in a particular month. In this case 1 Do i have to file NIl return for no service? Till September, there was no raised invoice or no payment or no service tax amount. My question isfor which period 1st return to be filed?? Respected Sir I fomr the ST3 in offline mode. But I modified that return that wise how to modified this return?

Please provide the process for the same. Sir, i am a doctor,but did not practice. Thanks for the information. Can u tell me whether it is required to submit the hard copy at Service tax office after online return? Our Company got registered under Service tax in this July so in this case kindly let me know if we are liable to file an nil return for the period of April 12 to June Is it necessary that the hard copy has to be filed with the local service tax authorities if filed electronically.

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To generate Form ST3 1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Reports > Statutory Reports > Service Tax Reports > Form ST3. 2. Click F1: Condensed. The Form ST3 report appears as below: The Form ST3 report has three sections: Included Transactions. purchaser of the service in conjunction with the performance of the service. (5) The services described in (3) above are being purchased: (check the block which applies) (a) By a seller who will either collect the tax or will resell the services. (b) To be performed on personal property held for sale. MAY BE REPRODUCED (Front & Back Required). 5 Record the total use tax from Part B, L ine 6 Record the pre-paid local sales/use tax for on -road motor fuel (from Form ST-3 Motor Fuel), if applicable. 7 Record total sales/use tax collected for reporting period from taxpayer accounting records. 8 Add Line 4 + Line 5 + Line 6.

In exercise of the powers conferred by section 94 of the Finance Act, 32 of , the Central Government hereby makes the following rules further to amend the Service Tax Rules, namely : . As per the mail of Mr.

We had paid service tax with interest. Please clarify. If yeas under which category of service. I completed service tax registration for my partnership firm in Nov and my billing thereafter for fiscal is around Rs 15 lakh. Am I supposed to pay ST for this period in the 1st year of operations. My CA is of the view that I need to pay but the clients who have been billed say its not required for 1st year of operations with billings upto 15 lakh. Please clarify this position.

I request you to pls give clear information about service tax return filing and forms applicable to it. I want to know about service tax return how can i fill service tax return with detail. I want to also know about service tax rate in new ammendment.. Pls send me total returns proceeding send me my mail ID. I want to know about service tax return how to fill service tax return with detail pls send me format of service tax return for service tax payment . We submitted online return but here we select only one service but we have two services.

I am working with a firm which is in Excise and we avail excise credit on purchase of Excise goods. We also receive second dealer excise bill. Your email address will not be published. Post Comment. Notice: It seems you have Javascript disabled in your Browser.

In order to submit a comment to this post, please write this code along with your comment: caabdc41ddadffae4. User Menu. Tags: service tax notifications. Refund of Service Tax wrongly paid only if no unjust enrichment proved by Appellant. Cenvat Credit admissible on input service used for creation of storage facilities for inputs outside the premises in relation to manufacture of goods. Please Sand my St-3 Form from April 15 to sept. October 20, at pm.

Manamohan says:. April 12, at pm. How to return service tax file Kindly let me know steps. October 15, at am. How to fill return service tax file Kindly let me know steps. Omveer says:. Contact me For service tax return Omveer Yadav July 22, at am. Chandran says:. November 21, at am. November 20, at pm. Sengupta says:. October 15, at pm. September 30, at am. Please send me old service tax from ST-3 in excel format.

April 23, at pm. April 9, at pm. March 28, at pm. March 22, at pm. Gopal says:. December 26, at pm. December 26, at am. Thanks in advance. November 25, at am. Sir, We had paid service tax with interest. November 24, at pm. October 18, at pm. August 25, at pm. Ramakrishna bhat says:. July 23, at am. Dear Sir, during the month of June 3rd we have submitted application for registration and obtained the Service tax certificate on 20th June , how and when monthly or quarterly and which form we have to submit returns, we can submit the forms manually or e filing.

July 5, at pm. May 29, at pm. May 13, at pm. I request to you pls give me latest Form ST-3 from for submitted the service tax return, Pls waiting your reply regards BK. May 1, at pm. April 21, at pm. Asis Biswas says:. I request you to please send ST-3 form and how I can submit service Tax return through e-filing. April 19, at pm. April 16, at pm. April 8, at pm. April 6, at pm. Shankar says:. March 31, at pm. March 27, at pm. March 18, at pm. March 3, at pm.

February 11, at pm. Jyoti says:. January 20, at am. Sheeja Manoj says:. November 30, at pm. November 16, at pm. Pls send me from st3 in excel format with example how to fill.

Pavan says:. Please send me a demo how to fill service tax return with Form. Machhindra says:. Dear Sir, Pls send me total returns proceeding send me my mail ID. November 13, at am. Sachin says:. Hi everybody I want to know about service tax return how to fill service tax return with detail pls send me format of service tax return for service tax payment .

November 11, at pm. Naresh Chauhan says:. November 2, at pm. Please send me new service tax from ST-3 in excel format. November 1, at pm. Manoj Ranjan says:. Dear Sir, Please send me new service tax from ST-3 in excel format. October 31, at pm. October 29, at am. October 27, at pm.

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