How to do the calypso dance

how to do the calypso dance

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Calypso music is the indigenous music of Trinidad and Tobago. Calypso how to get into woodworking as a hobby and dance, like other forms of Caribbean music, is a blend of West African musical rhythms and European music. The Calypso is associated with the French Carnival tradition in Trinidad. The essence of the calypso is hip-rolling and thrusting movements.

Calypso dancing shares this in common with other Caribbean dances such as salsa, meringue, soca and compass. The continuous hip movements make calypso dancing a popular part of Zumba workouts.

Calypso dancing is not set in stone. It leaves lots of room for personal interpretation and dance moves. The foundation of the dance is simple leg and feet movements, a rocking motion, and swiveling hips. Cross your right foot over your left foot and rock in place. Step towards the how to do the calypso dance with your right foot, and follow with the left.

Do the same move but in the opposite direction. Cross the left foot over the right foot. Calypso dance movements are based on a two-beat count rather than a four beat count. This produces a more faster, more energetic dance style.

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Sep 15,  · Calypso dancing is not set in stone. It leaves lots of room for personal interpretation and dance moves. The foundation of the dance is simple leg and feet movements, a rocking motion, and swiveling hips. Cross your right foot over your left foot and rock in place. Step towards the right with your right foot, and follow with the left.

To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 21, times. Learn more A calypso leap is a fun dance move performed in all sorts of dance styles, including jazz and contemporary. While this leap may seem intimidating and difficult at first, it's actually pretty simple and fun once you've got the hang of it. You'll be doing calypso leaps everywhere in no time! Log in Social login does not work in incognito and private browsers.

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Performing a dance move in super tight clothing is a disaster waiting to happen. Put on something you can move in such as a T-shirt, tank top, crop top, sports bra, yoga pants, a pair of shorts or you could even wear your dance wear if you have any.

Pull your hair out of your face. Having hair hitting your face isn't fun and you could also possibly injure yourself if your hair is blocking your eyes. Do your hair in a quick hairstyles such as a ponytail, bun, braid, or even pigtails. Wear a headband for extra support and make your hairstyle as tight as possible so it doesn't undo itself but not too tight to the point that it's uncomfortable.

Stretch out your body and your muscles. Performing a dance trick especially a leap without stretching may result in pulling a muscle. Prepare your body by doing the splits or over splits if you're advanced enough, doing lunges, doing the pancake stretch, jogging on the spot or anything else that will stretch out your legs.

Do each stretch or warm up for a minute or two for best results. Wear a pair of sock or dance shoes. Wearing a pair of socks will make it easier to do the leap however, if the floor you will be doing the leap on is already easy to turn on you won't need to wear anything on your feet.

Find a large area to practice in. You don't want to crash into a wall when practicing you calypso. Try to use a room that has enough space and has little to no furniture. Can't find a big enough room? No problem! Go outside in your backyard or use your front yard. Part 2 of Start in first position.

Create a v like shape with your feet making sure your feet are shoulder width apart. One arm should be in a circle and the other arm should be straight. Have the arm in the circle be your bad leg left arm in circle if left leg is bad leg.

Tendu one of your legs. Point your bad leg in front keeping your good leg behind to tendu. Do a high chaine. With the leg in tendu move it to the side and put your weight on it make sure to straighten both arms when beginning the chaine.

Then bring your other leg into second position and turn around. Do a downward chaine. After doing a high chaine do another chaine but this time do it lower by bending your legs this will give you power when doing the jump.

Do the leap. With the leg in front do a ronde de jambe to the corner then open your leg to the side. Push off your back leg as soon as the front leg is high enough making sure it's in attitude by bending your back leg as soon as you push off. Push of your back leg as hard as you can to get more height your arms can be lifted over your head or any position you want. Land the leap. You can either do a roll or land it standing. If you're a beginner then it's best to land standing before you attempt doing a roll.

Part 3 of Practice the position on the floor. Go into your splits and have your front leg straight out with your back leg bent in attitude. Position your hands straight up in the air or any position you feel comfortable with. Do this exercise on a soft surface rather than a hard surface to prevent injuries.

Have your splits. Having your splits on at least one leg will help improve not just a calypso leap but other dance leaps as well. Everyday do stretches such as lunges and other leg stretches and you'll have your splits in no time. Practice in front of a mirror. Seeing the way you look when doing a calypso will give you knowledge on what you can improve on. Use a large mirror in your house or use an empty dance studio room.

Record yourself. Have someone record you several times and compare the videos to see if you did better or worse.

Watch other dancers doing calypso leaps. Search up a video or two of professional dancer doing calypso leaps to see their technique and improve on yours. Make a dance combo. Create a fun short dance routine and incorporate a calypso leap along with other dance moves. Get advice from other dancers. Show your leap to a dancer that can do a calypso or to your dance teacher. They can help you and give you tips. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. Your front leg and back leg should be in the air at the same time. Helpful 4 Not Helpful 1. Once you feel comfortable with the leap try arching your back a little and try doing it with your bad leg.

Helpful 2 Not Helpful 0. When doing the downward chaine make sure to put all your weight on your back leg to make your leap higher. Some may learn this leap in one day others one week. Don't feel bad if you don't get it on your first try practice makes perfect. Helpful 3 Not Helpful 1. Do the leap quickly not slowly since you won't have enough momentum making it harder to do the leap properly.

Helpful 2 Not Helpful 1. When doing an attitude make sure your leg is not to tight nor to loose you want your leg to be a 45 degree angle. Make the leap and the transition into the leap all in one fluid movement or else it will end up looking bad. Helpful 1 Not Helpful 0. It's best to not do too many chaine turns since it will be harder to do the leap.

Helpful 1 Not Helpful 2. Helpful 1 Not Helpful 3. Have some water with you since you will most likely be tired from all that hard work. Helpful 1 Not Helpful 4. Submit a Tip All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published.

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