How to decorate your christmas tree with lights

how to decorate your christmas tree with lights

Santa miniatures, fairy lights and more ideas to decorate your Christmas tree

Aug 15,  · Now, you can easily program your Christmas tree lights to display whatever colors and patterns you like, all from a simple app on your smartphone. Pick up a set of Twinkly Multicolor LED Lights ($, Amazon) and use the lights to decorate your tree as normal—then, wow your family members by changing up your holiday display with a few taps on your phone screen. Change things up by hanging strings of lights or lighted ornaments vertically from your roof along your porch or in trees. Wrap your chandelier or light fixture with Christmas lights and flowers. 5 Set Up an Alternative Outdoor Tree.

Trees decorated with light strings always look festive for the holidays, and they can be just as fun what are some causes of metabolic alkalosis magical any other time of the year.

During warm weather, there's nothing more inviting than a comfortable outdoor space bejeweled with twinkling lights. Lighting is suitable for most types of trees, including evergreens, deciduous treespalm trees, and even yucca. Often, bare leafless trees provide the ideal framework for hanging lights, especially horizontal-spreading varieties.

Palm tree trunks wrapped with white or red lights show off their vertical, upright forms, drawing the eye upward toward the night sky. The best outdoor lights to use are LED lights.

LEDs are not only 75 percent more energy efficient than standard incandescent bulbs, they also last many times longer. How to save internet data on iphone 5 lights cost quite a bit more than incandescent, but because LEDs cost less to run, they pay for themselves long before they burn out.

For the color of the lights, warm white LEDs provide a nice, warm glow reminiscent of the incandescents that everyone loves and with which so many traditionalists have trouble parting. Cool white offers a bluish glow, and colored lights are either multicolored or one color. White is universal and is suitable for any time of the year. Colored lights usually are best for the holidays. In any case, it looks best if you choose the same lights in each color, such as all warm or all cool whites.

Select the tree or trees you would like to light up. Start with one that creates a natural focal point in your landscape. Ideally, it will also have an interesting form and elegant branches that will look especially striking when illuminated. Odd shapes of branches and limbs can become magical in the evening when electrified with twinkling lights.

A very large tree can have a lot of "wow" factor, but the bigger and taller it is, the more lights it will need. What you don't want is a big tree that is sparsely lighted, so choose the right size for the amount of lights you have or are willing to buy.

Test each strand of lights by plugging it in and making sure all of the lights are working. It's important to do this before hanging the lights, especially if you won't have the lights on while you work. You don't want to put up all of the lights only to discover that a strand in the middle is on the fritz. If desired, connect multiple light strings after testing them by plugging how to make an apartment homey together end-to-end.

Wind the resulting long string around how to decorate your christmas tree with lights flat piece of cardboard. How to decorate your christmas tree with lights makes it easy to handle a long string how to decorate your christmas tree with lights having to fight a tangled mess.

Extend an outdoor-rated extension cord to the base of the tree. Because the cord will be outdoors and may get wet, it must have GFCI ground-fault circuit-interrupter protection to protect against shock hazards. Decide where the visible base of the tree is—this is the point where the tree becomes visible from the street or from the house. In addition, tall grasses, rocks, and other landscaping features might how to decorate your christmas tree with lights or obscure the very bottom of the trunk.

Walk to the curb or out to the street, and make a mental note as to where the trunk is visible. Position the cord end at this point. If desired, you can wrap the cord around the base of the tree to secure it.

Plug the first strand of lights into the extension cord. You can plug the cord into the outlet, if desired, or wait until you're finished. Begin wrapping the lights around the tree's trunk, moving upward with each winding.

To ensure even spacing, check the distance between windings with your hand. Use about four fingers to get consistent spacing between each wrap around the tree trunk. Aim for uniform spacing to make the finished project look its best. Wrap the lights up each limb or large branch, making sure you have several extra feet of string. Space the wraps about two hands eight fingers apart. When you reach the end of the limb, reverse direction and wind the string back down, winding between the upward wraps so that the resulting spacing is one hand width.

Use a ladder to reach high areas. Never climb a tree to hang lights. You can use a freestanding stepladder for relatively low heights, but for higher areas, use an extension ladder. Always follow standard ladder safety procedures, making sure the ladder is evenly supported at the top and bottom and that it angles at about 75 degrees 15 degrees from vertical. If you need to climb more than about 6 feet high, have a helper hold the base of the ladder and to "spot" the lighting from the ground while you're up on the ladder.

Secure the end of the light string, as needed, to complete the installation. You can simply tuck the end into a crook of branches to keep it from coming loose, or you can tie the string to the tree with a piece of natural twine or planting tape.

Don't use metal wire, which could create a shock or fire hazard if the metal cuts through the light's wire insulation. You can also use a plastic zip tie, as long as you remember to cut it off before long. How to make floats for fishing strong zip tie could girdle the tree and cause damage if it's not removed.

When determining how many lights or strands of lights to use, don't follow the old saying, "A little goes a long way. Depending on the circumference of the trunk, each wrap can easily use up 20 or 30 lights.

And a tree that is wrapped only partway up its trunk simply does not look festive or complete. Plan and budget for lights accordingly. You can always start small and add more lights each year. Actively scan device characteristics for identification. Use precise geolocation data.

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Begin wrapping the lights around the tree's trunk, moving upward with each winding. To ensure even spacing, check the distance between windings with your hand. Use about four fingers to get consistent spacing between each wrap around the tree trunk. Aim for uniform spacing to make the finished project look its best. For thorough coverage, wrap your string lights around the tree in a spiral that is 2” – 3" apart. starting from the bottom and working your way up. If you want to conserve your string lights, you can string them in a zig-zag across the exposed surface area of the tree and halve the above amounts. String lights are available in many colors and styles to make your Christmas tree look professionally decorated. If you’re using a traditional green tree, opt for lights with green wiring to blend into the branches. When hanging twinkling lights on your Christmas tree, start from the top and work your way down, winding around branches as you go.

The holiday season is full of sacred traditions, heart-warming nostalgia, friend and family gatherings…you know the deal. As we all move through the motions—hanging up decorations, cooking up festive feasts, exchanging gifts—we must remember that perfecting all of the holiday demands is a skill in itself.

At the top of that list: hanging lights on your Christmas tree. And every year, you probably run into the same set of dilemmas.

And when you step back to take a look, the lights may be disorderly, or too dim, or maybe even too bright. While holiday decorating is, for the most part, a fun-loving and joyous affair, the inevitable annoyances can be a true damper, making our spirits slightly less bright.

At the forefront of this list is decorating the Christmas tree, which often stumps even the holiday pros. Read on for our favorite tips and tricks.

The first thing you should consider before purchasing lights is the size of your tree. Most holiday decorators recommend mini lights per foot.

Once you have your lights, plug them in to make sure they all work. Mini String Lights: Mini string lights are the most popular Christmas tree lights. They are great for creating a twinkling effect, and can be layered for a full-bodied look. They come in a variety of colors, and are very easy to handle. Large Bulb Lights: Large bulb lights are higher impact, creating less of a twinkling effect and more of a subtle glow.

We recommend these if you want moderate to low light. Icicle Lights: Icicle lights are designed with one main string in which additional light-covered strings hang from. While these are traditionally used for outdoor holiday decorating, they are easy to hang from your tree and require less strings of lights, while still creating that same, full-bodied twinkle.

Instead, weave them around the tree, working in triangular sections. Use an extension cord to connect the first set of string lights, and work your way from the top of the tree to the bottom.

For a more natural feel, place some lights a little closer to the tip, and others deeper into the tree. Continue this process all the way to the bottom. This works best with mini string lights, and is not recommended if you are using large bulb or icicle lights.

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