How to cut up pants

how to cut up pants

DIY Hem Your Jeans For Frayed Perfection

Jun 19,  · learn about fashion design and makeuphoto is teaching you step by step how to make a pants. also there is a lot of secrets you can learn just watching this Author: Makeuphoto. Sep 11,  · Hey beauty Junkies. so I did a video like this before but truly I think I found a much easier way to slash up those pants lol Hope you enjoy =].

Last Updated: January 17, References. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. There are 21 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 40, times. Learn more Jeans are durable, versatile, and the perfect wardrobe staple—but sometimes, you might want to add your own touch to them.

For instance, if you love the look of cropped jeans, how to cut up pants can trim the hem of your pants to create a frayed look. You can also cut your jeans into shorts to make them into cutoffs that are perfect for the summertime.

If you want to leave the how to cut up pants of your jeans the same, you can also how to cut up pants distressing them to give them a lived-in look. Tip: If you already have a pair of shorts that are the same rise and fit as your jeans, you can use them as a template instead. Just lay the shorts on top of the jeans and mark the line where they stop.

If you want to cut your jeans into shorts, start by putting them on and marking how to cut up pants you want them to stop with chalk. If you want to cuff your jean shorts, mark them 2 inches down from the chalk line. Once the length is adjusted, carefully cut along the chalk line you marked with sharp scissors, working on one leg at a time.

After that, just wash the jeans and put them in the dryer to fray them! To learn how to trim the hem of your jeans, read on! Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Social login does not work in incognito and private browsers. Please log in with your username or email to continue. No account yet? Create an account. We use cookies to make wikiHow great.

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Try on the jeans and mark the length you want what is the meaning of splicing to be.

Put on your jeans and look in the mirror to figure out the how to cut up pants where you want them to stop. Once you decide on the length, make a mark with a piece of chalk or a fabric marker where you want the hem of your jeans to stop. For a modern cropped look, try hemming them so they hit right at your ankle bone. However, you can cut them to any length you like, from mid-calf capris to barely grazing the floor, depending on the length you started with.

Keep in mind that unless you hem them, your jeans will fray somewhat after you cut them. If you are planning to hem the jeans, leave an extra 1 in 2. Lay the jeans flat in front of you, then use your chalk or fabric marker to draw a straight line just below the mark you made for the hem.

By adding the how to cut part of a song length, the jeans will still be the length you want after they start to fray. Cut along the chalk line with sharp scissors. Use a sharp pair of fabric scissors and slowly cut along one of the chalk lines you drew. Cut through one leg at a time, as trying to cut through both legs at once will make it harder to get a perfectly straight line.

Just line it up perfectly with the hem of the opposite leg, then cut along the top edge. Create a step-up hem if you want your jeans to be a little shorter in the front. Draw a line about 1 in 2. Cut 1 in 2. This look combines the chic look of cropped jeans in the front with a flattering long line in the back. Hem your jeans if you want to keep their storebought look. Sew all the way around both legs. However, if your sewing machine isn't made for heavy fabrics like denim, only fold the hem how to prepare a good presentation in powerpoint once.

You can use thread that blends into the jeans or you can opt for a contrasting color, like yellow thread. Try your pants on and check the length, adjusting if needed.

Check the length of your jeans in the mirror. If they look how you wanted them to, great! Put your jeans in the washer to fray the hem. If you want your cropped pants to have more of a frayed edge, run them through your washing machine on cold, then hang them to dry. For super-frayed jeans, finish them in the dryer. Use scissors to trim the white threads as they unravel. Method 2 of Choose jeans that are a little baggy in your legs. Jeans that are slim-fitting through your thighs will squeeze your legs awkwardly if you cut them into shorts.

Look for a pair of jeans that fit you well at the waist and butt, then becomes more relaxed through the thighs. Straight-leg jeans, boyfriend cuts, and boxy high-waisted styles work well for this.

Cut off the legs of your jeans so you have long shorts. Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut the legs of the pants off from about the knees down. The cuts don't have to be perfect since you'll be measuring the length later.

This will just give you less material to work with, making the whole process a little easier. Put on your jeans and mark where you want the shorts to stop. Use a fabric marker or a piece of chalk and mark the length near the outside seam.

If you want to cuff your jeans, leave about an extra 2 in 5. Draw a new line so the inseam is 1. Take the jeans off and lay them flat, then look at the mark you just made. Imagine a straight line starting from the mark you made on the outside seam and going all the way across the jeans to the inseam. Measure 1. Then, draw a diagonal line from the new mark up to the original mark you drew at the outside seam. Take off the jeans and carefully cut along one of the lines you marked.

Use a sharp pair of scissors to carefully how to add linked server in sql server 2012 along the diagonal line you drew. Try to keep your line as straight as possible. Fold the jeans in half and cut the other leg to match.

Smooth the denim out as much as you can, then carefully cut along the bottom edge of the shorter side. Cut small slits in the leg if the shorts are tight across your thighs. This will help create more of a baggy, relaxed look. Fold the jeans up and iron them if you want them to have a cuff. Press the shorts with an iron to help hold the cuff in place. Wash and dry to create a frayed hem. If you want a distressed, aged cutoff look, toss your new jean shorts into the washing machine, then put them in the dryer.

Method 3 of Put on your jeans and use chalk to mark the areas you want to distress. Take off the jeans and put thick cardboard into the legs. Cut horizontal strips with a box cutter if you want to make a frayed hole. Many distressed jeans feature a square hole with white threads stretched across it.

To make how to check for viruses on imac, use a craft knife and carefully cut 2 strips, one on top of the other, about 2 in 5. If you want the hole to look more natural, make the strips wider in the middle, then gradually shorter to the top and bottom, similar to the shape of a diamond.

Rub sandpaper along the denim to get a soft, worn look. Sandpaper is a great way to instantly create authentic-looking aging on your jeans. Use a coarse sandpaper, like grit, and rub vigorously over the area you want to how to cut up pants.

What You'll Need

Aug 17,  · This is the hardest part, but you've got it! Lay the ruler flat and draw a straight line from the original chalk mark around each pant leg. Don't rush this part or else your pant legs will be. May 14,  · In this video I show you 3 different ways to cut pants into shorts and make them look cute! These are very simple ways and do not take very long at all. We a. Using your chalk mark as a guide, draw a jagged line across each pant leg. Make the lines as crazy or sedate as you like, according to your pirate's personality. Step 4 Cut your pants along your chalk lines, gently unraveling the cut ends to make the pants look especially old and worn.

Making pants doesn't have to be difficult. Learn how to make a pair of pants in just a few simple steps. For this project, you'll be making a pants pattern based on pants that you already own and love. This pattern makes a pair of pants with an elastic waistband. The pattern can be used to make pajama pants, dress pants, or lounge pants. You can use the same method on a pair of capris or shorts if you're looking to add to your summer wardrobe.

As long as you know how to measure fabric and operate a sewing machine, you should be able to sew a pair of pants. We'll start off with drafting a pattern, then move on to cutting out the pants, and finally finish by sewing the pieces together. An elastic waistband is the finishing touch to making these great-fitting, comfortable pants.

Looking for a pattern for pajama pants? Here are some free pajama pants patterns so you can make your own. You'll want to choose fabric that's woven, like cotton, flannel, or linen. This example uses linen. You'll need 3 yards of the fabric. If the fabric isn't pre-washed, wash it and dry it before you start to work with it. A quick pass with the iron will help take out the wrinkles. Take one piece of fabric and fold it in half lengthwise, so the fabric is wrong side out.

Lay the pair of pants you'll be tracing on the fabric, with the outer seam of the pants lined up with the fold of the fabric. The pants should lay flat, with the crotch pulled out.

Use chalk or a fabric marking pen to trace around the edge of the pants. Along the bottom and top of the pants, trace 2 inches below the bottom of the pant leg and 2 inches above the waistband. This leaves enough room for hemming and adding a waistband. Repeat with the other piece of fabric to make the other pant leg.

Cut carefully around the markings you made to cut out the pant leg. Do NOT cut along the fold of the fabric. Repeat for the other pant leg. Starting at the crotch and ending at the bottom of the pant leg, pin together the inside of the pant legs. To reinforce your seam, use a zig-zag stitch along the raw edges that you just sewed.

Turn one of your pant legs right side out. Take the other leg the one that's wrong side out and put it inside the right side out pant leg. Zig-zag along the edges to reinforce the seam. Take your measuring tape and put it around your waist. Add 1 inch to that measurement. Cut a piece of elastic that size. Turn your pants so they are inside out. Press well. Sew along the bottom of the folded edge but leave a few inches in the back of the pants unsewn.

This forms the casing for your elastic. Attach a safety pin to one end of the elastic. Feed the elastic through the unsewn part of the elastic casing. Feed it all the way through until it comes out the other side of the opening. Be sure to hang on to your safety pin so the elastic doesn't get lost in the waistband. You'll now have two pieces of elastic sticking out of your waistband.

Remove your safety pin and let the elastic waistband slip completely within the casing. Sew the opening of the waistband closed. Be careful not to sew on the elastic. Hand sew the two openings of the casing tube closed, then use the machine to sew the casing closed at the bottom. The elastic band should be able to slide freely through the casing when you're done. Turn the pants inside out if they aren't already. Turn the bottom of the leg up by 1 inch and pin. Sew the hem. Repeat for the other leg.

Turn your pants right side out. Give them a good press with the iron and try them on. You should have a great pair of pants that fit you perfectly. Actively scan device characteristics for identification.

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